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I need some names for my book. Any help?

Ok i need first and LAST names. i like more common and traditional names. I have already used:

Nikki Olsen

Tommy Olsen

Sophie Olsen

Izzy Olsen

Christopher,Janice and Wesley olsen.

Mrs.Ginger Frasier

Ms. Joanne Smith

Pincipal Cruz



and Carly Tate.

1) Four teacher names:

1 girl + 3 male

2)Boy friend

3)Best friend gurl.

4)any other names for school and church.

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    1) Mrs. Hatch

    Mr. Dolland

    Mr. Kroupa

    Mr. Jolley

    2) Jonah Brown

    3) Rosie Gray

    4) Timberwood High school (middle school, elementary)

    If your're talking about people's names in school...

    Taylor Allen

    Mckenzie Low

    Zack Card

    Ian Anderson

    Sierra Mendall

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    1) Mrs. Renee Owens

    Mr. David Simpson

    Mr. Dan Hardman

    Mr. Joseph Lee

    2) Reese Walker

    3) Emily Roberts

    4) Stonebridge, Gatewood, Green Acres, St. Paul's, George Walton, Mitchell Bridge, Dunwoody, Robert Evans, Prince Avenue, Andrews Academy, Westminister

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    1. Ms/Miss/Mrs. Cassandra Taylor

    Mr. Jonathon Walker

    Mr. Joshua Mitchell

    Mr. James Kent

    2. Camden Green

    3. Anna Freeman.

    4. School: Stevenson High School

    Church: no idea...

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    1) Ms. Reynolds

    Mr. Green

    Mrs. Leary

    Mr. Piper

    2) Josh Carter

    3) Ashelynn Allen

    4) Amy Garcia?

    Source(s): hope those are alright
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    Be open minded and observant. Get out a street map and combine the names of two or more streets at intersections.

    This can lead to some very interesting and locally familiar results.

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    Girl Teacher: Linda Wafer

    Guy Teacher: Jeff Williams

    Guy Teacher: Joe Hoff

    Guy Teacher: Lewis Daine

    Boy Friend: Jayson Goldwood

    Best Friend Girl: Maggie Snyder

    Those names just came to idk about the skewl and church part though. [:

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