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is ohio state university the main school in ohio?

because everyone i know is going or goes there? what other major schools are in ohio?

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    Ohio has an abundance of good colleges, Ohio State is one of many. You have the Ohio University, Kent State, the University of Akron, Bowling Green, University of Cincinnati, Miami University, and the University of Toledo. All of these universities are rather prestigious and quite recognized throughout the country. I'm from Florida and I'm familiar with all of these colleges. Mostly through sports. So Ohio is loaded with college options.

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    As well as the ones everyone has already said, Xavier University is also a university in Ohio. It's in Cincinnati, and is a private university that is a little smaller than the others. It's most comparable in size to Case.

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    There are several good ones, it just depends on what programs you're looking into and whether you want to go to a public or private school.

    Ohio State is the largest in Ohio, but there's also:

    Kent State, (Kent)

    Mount Union (Alliance)

    Ohio University (Athens)

    University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati)

    Youngstown State (Youngstown)

    University of Akron (Akron)

    These are all very good, highly recommended schools with their own things going on. Look into several different schools before you decide. I made a mistake a few years back by not doing enough research.

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    Ohio State is the biggest. Case-Western Reserve University in Cleveland is probably the best in Ohio.

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    Ohio State is large but not particularly distinctive for quality. Good options throughout the state as others' suggest.

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    UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO!! i might transfer there for their pharmacy school

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