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What are some typical career paths for individuals bipolar?

I am slightly bipolar (symptoms rarely), and I would like to know what career paths would be practical for me.


Ms Kitty, I was probably very mistaken when I said "slightly"....actually I have loads of issues more often than not I think...

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    Become a writer, Musician, or psychologist, being bipolar gives you a unique aptitude for seeing things on both sides of the spectrum and can lead to you becoming VERY successful in the above categories. Check out a artist named Devin Townsend he isn't good looking, has no education, and is a bit lazy yet he is rich and has released some of the most amazing music pieces I've ever heard, and many turn of the century writers with bipolar disorder were successful also, I suggest you take creative writing personally.

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    Your career path really doesn't have anything to do with the bipolar unless it has a profound affect on you. Your career path should be decided by what you are good at and what you like to do. Why would you even let being "slightly" bipolar affect something like that?

    EDIT Yeah so..... I have Bipolar 1, I'm on tons of meds, I've been psychotic....... I am severely bipolar. People with Bipolar can do anything they want to do. Anything. Have you been diagnosed? If yes then stay on your meds and stay in therapy and anything is possible...... If not... stop putting imaginary problems in your path.

    How "bad" it is really doesn't have any bearing.... you do what you are good at and what you want to do.

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