I'm looking into buying a laptop...?

I'm going into high school this year!! It's a public school. I will be typing papers, making power points, etc. I would like a laptop that is a really reasonably price, since I'm only 14. I dont want some laptop that has stuff i don't need. a dvd player and web-cam thing would be very convenient though.

i have to pay 1/3 of it, my parents have offered to pay the rest. any suggestions of brand? or even an exact model.

it needs to be a good computer, not freezing up, and can last me quite a while if it has good care.

thanks so much!!


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    u can get a good laptop for 400 dollars even toshiba is good L300 series i have one

    15.4 inch scree

    2.00 gigahertz intel pentium processor

    integrated intel graphics they are good but still not comparable to discrete graphics which can only be found in 1000+ laptops


    dell is not good btw

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    Take this list to a large computer store and ask which model has most or all of these -

    Core 2 Duo processor

    2 Gigabyte of memory

    200 Gigabyte hard drive

    15 inch screen

    Want to play the latest or recent computer games? ....include a 512 megabyte dedicated video card. If you can't get one with 512mb dedicated graphics get one with 256mb.

    Not bothered about games?....forget the video card - the one in any model will do.

    DVD writer

    built in webcam

    Microsoft Works software preloaded (MS Office will be overkill and pricey)

    Insurance - against damage or theft

    ...A neoprene zipable sleeve to protect it

    You might also need a printer. Just a cheap one will do.

    .........when you get it, remember to put a password on it for when it boots up then only you have access to what's on it.

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    Hey Katherine;

    I recommend you go for a Dell or a HP purely because of the design, features, price and help full costumer services. I would go for a HP presario as i have worked with alot of these in the past and they are very reliable. If possible I would get a Mac as they have alot more features than Windows, I have the £749 Macbook and it's brilliant;


    Good luck in finding a laptop!

    Regards Tom.

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    Most high schools give away laptops for free, or their usually around the $80's. Which is pretty good for a laptop since most of them are in the hundreds or even thousands.

    *you can only get a laptop if your going into highschool

    Contact the school and see if their doing that.

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    Im 14 and going into high school, like you and i got a laptop in 8th grade, but unfortunately i had to pay for the whole thing. When you go to whatever laptop store they will help you pick out the one you want according to your specifications. I would suggest going to staples, but don't get a used one. I got a refurbished one for $540 and i thought it was awesome, but then after-wards i went to staples to get a case for it. When i got there a store worker told me i could have got a better one for a smaller price and i was so mad. Just remember to check other stores before you give into buying one.

    hope i helped :)

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    Dell Inspiron 15. Cheap, Good Specs, all that you want.

    Source(s): dell.com
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    1 decade ago

    i have a mac. they are good because they don't get viruses and don't freeze up. they are easy to do projects on, and have fast internet connection. i have had little to no problems with it so far.

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    1 decade ago

    www.dell.com check the Inspiron

  • 1 decade ago

    check out some of the prices here: http://tiny.cc/vVlcW

  • 1 decade ago

    MAC! MAC! MAC!

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