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Have you read a book called A Separate Peace?

I'm doing a summer project, and I am asked to make an advertisement of the book, if the book were to become a movie. Can you help me find current male actors to play Gene and Finny? I cannot find anyone that looks like them and are current actors. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.


Oh sorry. It's a poster, not a trailer.

Update 2:

Oh sorry. It's a poster, not a trailer. Gene has kind of long brown hair and Finny has green eyes as described in the book. I don't think that Finny's hair color matters.

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    I loved that book...

    Are you supposed to compile clips from big name actors, or film your own? Because if you're just filming your own, use any friends you might have, or brothers or whatnot... If you have to compile clips from big name actors into an ad, I honestly don't know who's good enough. Just check out movies with young casts and hope for the best.

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    I have read that book, but not in a few years.

    Can you describe what they are supposed to look like? I may be able to help you out more then.

    For some reason, Heath Ledger comes to mind when brainstorming Finny.


    Emile Hirsch as Gene

    Milo Ventimiglia as Gene

    or maybe Toby Maguire as Gene

    JUDE LAW as Finny (gorgeous, green eyes, aura)

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    yes, i've read it.

    and it's already a movie

    umm, daniel radcliffe as gene and austin butler as finny

    but that's just me

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    i absolutely HATE that book! lol i would say like Jason Earles and Harry Treadaway! lol

    Source(s): answer my question, and read teh beginnig of my story! please!
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    Never heard of it.

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    NOPE never heard of it

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