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How do you feel about abortion?

I'm pro-life. I'm going to post my arguement for pro-life. But it's really long, you don't have to read it if you don't want to I guess, but I just want to know people's opinions.

During an abortion at twelve weeks, the baby will struggle to get away from the

suction device, its heart rate speeds up, and while it is being dismembered, it

opens its mouth as if to scream. But some people would have you believe that the

same baby that screams in pain, is not alive. One dictionary defines life as: “the

condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead

organisms” a fetus is not dead, it can’t be, it has never died. Nor is it inorganic, a

look at a fetal development chart will show you that. So what about an unborn

baby is not alive? I can’t think of anything.

During pregnancy the fetus develops at an alarming rate. At nine weeks the baby

starts to move and can feel pain, by week eleven almost all of the organs are

functioning. At week thirteen the baby begins to breathe and is comforted by

playing with its fist. By week fourteen the baby can suck its thumb, in just one

week it will be able to perform different facial expressions such as squint, frown,

grimace ect. At week sixteen the baby begins sucking, swallowing and hiccupping

and by week eighteen it can cry without sound. After nineteen weeks the baby

sleeps and wakes like a newborn would and after twenty it begins to recognize

familiar sounds and startles at loud noises.

One surprising bit of information is that 52% of abortions take place before week

nine, 25% happen between weeks nine and ten. 12% happen between the 11th

and 12th week and 6% happen between the 13th & 15th week. 4% happen

between the 16th & 20th week. While four percent may sound like a negligible

amount, it’s 82,200 babies in the US alone every year.

Abortion is used extremely casually by a shocking number of people. Forty seven

percent of abortions are performed on women who have had at least one before.

In addition, 93% happen because of social reasons such as, “It’s not convenient”

or “I’m not prepared.” Only 1% take place because of rape or incest and 6% take

place because of health risks for the mother or baby.

The methods by which these babies are murdered are not painless in the least; in

fact they are completely horrific. An eight week old baby is sucked out of its

mothers womb, it is dismembered in the process. At sixteen weeks a poison is

injected through the mother’s abdomen that will poison the baby as well as

burning off the baby’s outer layer of skin. In this procedure, the mother still gives

birth to a dead baby.

An eighteen week old baby will be pulled out of its mother’s womb piece by

piece using forceps. The teeth of the forceps tear and twist the bones and tissue of

the unborn child to rip it limb-from-limb. At six months a drug is given to the

mother that induces violent contractions meant to kill or decapitate the baby. In

an abortion that takes place in the last three months of pregnancy a C-section is

performed, the umbilical cord is cut before the baby is removed from the womb,

suffocating the baby. If the baby is not suffocated it is left in a corner to die from

neglect or exposure.

Finally, the most horrific method: partial birth abortion. Thankfully, this method

is fairly rare, but does happen and therefore deserves a mention. During a partial

birth abortion the abortionist will force labor using forceps, delivering the entire

baby except for the head. The abortionist then shoves scissors up into the baby’s

skull. The scissors are opened to enlarge the skull so that a suction catheter can

fit in. The suction catheter is inserted and the baby’s brain is sucked out. The

skull collapses and the dead baby is delivered.


Bill- dictating how somebody combs their hair and dictating weather someone should get away with killing a living human are one in the same now?

Update 2:

Bill- why don't YOU just worry about yourself. Why should you care if I want to kill someone? Why should you care if I want to take someone and tie them down and slowly rip them limb from limb. Why should it matter to you if I want to brutally murder FORTY TWO MILLION EFFING PEOPLE! It's none of your bussiness after all.

Update 3:

Divine Oubliette- Of course I would have nothing to say about your ectopic pregnancy. There are certain situations that, in my opinion, are off limits to the law. That's one of them. And my information is correct... the screaming bit at the beginning is debatable, but I'm fairly sure it's true, the rest is definately correct. Most of it comes from unbiased websites that are about fetal development, not abortion.

And it couldn't ever happen to me. Because I won't have sex until I'm married, and I won't get married until I'm out of college and have a stable job where I am capable of supporting a child. I don't think you understand facsism, which is mainly about the government discriminating against one race, religion, or gender. And what's so wrong with killing period if you can't kill a soul?

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    Were you planning on adopting all 42 million babies? We cannot feed the people we have on this planet already and you want to add another 42 million to that? Where would we get the food for them and who will pay to feed, cloth and shelter them all? You are not thinking this all the way through.

    I was worried about myself, when I found out my pregnancy was ectopic I know what I would have to do. Thank the heavens I had my husband there to support the doc's recommendation of termination and ultimately my decision. Sounds like you are the kind of woman who would have let me die of a burst fallopian tube rather get the therapeutic abortion that saved my life. I am glad people like you do not run this country!

    I could write pages about how your info is in the least misinformed and at the most it is a downright lie. But I don't care that much, abortion is legal and until you find yourself pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy, you will never know the agony of making that decision. And don't say it can't happen to you, I was on birth control -perfect use, never missed or was late with my pills- and I still fell pregnant. Bottom line here is: don't like abortion, don't get one. Simple as that.

    I never understood how a potential life is more important than an actual life. You want to treat all women as walking wombs, without equal consequence for their male sexual partners. Forced breeding = fascism. THAT makes you wrong, and morally naive.

    *Just a thought - If it is the soul of a person that is considered most important and sacred, why are people getting up in arms about abortion, you cannot kill a soul just the flesh.

    ~Pro-Choice Momma; Have had an abortion <no regrets> and I have a 7 month old daughter <no regrets>. I believe in protecting my daughter's choice.

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    Edit: Then please cite your sources I'd love to know where you got that stuff.

    Abortion rates also vary depending on the stage of pregnancy and the method practiced. In 2003, from data collected in those areas of the United States that sufficiently reported gestational age, it was found that 88.2% of abortions were conducted at or prior to 12 weeks, 10.4% from 13 to 20 weeks, and 1.4% at or after 21 weeks. 90.9% of these were classified as having been done by "curettage" (suction-aspiration, Dilation and curettage, Dilation and evacuation), 7.7% by "medical" means (mifepristone), 0.4% by "intrauterine instillation" (saline or prostaglandin), and 1.0% by "other" (including hysterotomy and hysterectomy).[50] The Guttmacher Institute estimated there were 2,200 intact dilation and extraction procedures in the U.S. during 2000; this accounts for 0.17% of the total number of abortions performed that year.[51]

    *[51] Finer, Lawrence B. & Henshaw, Stanley K. (2003). Abortion Incidence and Services in the United States in 2000. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 35 (1). Retrieved 2006-05-10.

    The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (Pub.L. 108-105, 117 Stat. 1201, enacted November 5, 2003, 18 U.S.C. § 1531[1], PBA Ban) is a United States law prohibiting a form of late-term abortion that the Act calls partial-birth abortion. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the term "partial-birth abortion" in the act pertains to a procedure that is medically called intact dilation and extraction.[2] Under this law, "Any physician who, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, knowingly performs a partial-birth abortion and thereby kills a human fetus shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both." The law was enacted in 2003, and in 2007 its constitutionality was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, in the case of Gonzales v. Carhart.

    *[2] a b Gonzales v. Carhart, 550 U.S. ____ (2007). Retrieved 2007-04-19.

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    I'm not pro-Abortion, but I'm pro-CHOICE. Meaning the women should be able to have a choice.

    I personally wouldn't get an abortion, but it all depends on the situation. Some women are raped...and it would be very unfair to force her to keep the baby, especially if she wasn't ready. It seems a lot of people don't consider these aspects, and automatically assume the mother was just being irresponsible and horny. Some women might prefer abortion because they know they can't take care of the child and will give him/her a horrible life, or the baby/mother might die during birth or pregnancy. I feel the government doesn't have a right to impose this on's her choice even if I wouldn't necessarily do it myself. It's none of our business.

    Also, to add on, it's not murder because you must get the abortion within the first 3 months of this stage the baby is still only an embryo, not a baby yet.

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    I encourage them. If the mother cannot raise the child properly then she shouldn&#x27;t keep it. And I know people argue that the unborn child could be the person that develops a cure for cancer or something but so could the mother that is forced to drop out of school to look after a child she never wanted. Also, you may be killing a living thing but so is crushing a bug or picking flowers and sometimes mothers die during labour.

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    I don't believe that abortion is a solution to irresponsible sexual activity. I think there is a reason for it if the mother's life is at risk or the unborn child and there are no other alternatives to save both Mother & Child.

    I may get some crap for this, but when a woman is raped and becomes pregnant as a result, many choose to abort rather than give the child up for adoption. I do think that a woman has that right... to choose..

    Abortion isn't for everyone, it isn't something I'd ever do but I suppose everyone is entitled to their own opinions and is free to choose whatever is suitable for them. I just couldn't do it nor would I impose my beliefs on anyone else, just like I wouldn't want anyone doing it to me.

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    I have 2 feelings about the issue. Personally, I am pro life b/c I would never abort my baby. But, some people (even though they know the emotional or physical problems it may cause) still choose to do it anyway. I also believe that it is their choice to choose b/w the 2.

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    A woman has a right to make whatever choice She wants for here body with out the the pro life Gestapo tactics. If idealist people like you had there way you would then dictate how people should comb there hair and you would want people to dress the way you dictate. I think we shouldn't have the pro lifers crap rammed down our throats. Pro lifers have there nose where it docent belong, They need to worry about there own damn self.

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    I can save you time. All that doesn't matter. A fetus can get on one knee and sing "Mammy," it doesn't mean anything legally.

    According to the Constitution, "All persons the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States."

    Until that time, they are not citizens, nor legally human, therefore are subject to the pregnant woman's will.

    Can you name a fetus in a will? No.

    Can you buy life insurance on a fetus? No.

    Can you get an SSI number for a fetus and claim it as a dependant? No.

    In all legal aspects, they are not human yet.

    That is why abortions are legal, and will remain so.

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    My opinion is if you do not like abortion then do not have one. But you cannot force your opinions on others. You or I do not know the circumstances in that woman's life that led her to have one. Nor should we. Pro-choice.

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    Personally i'm also pro-life, and believe that abortion is wrong.

    For all people saying that an argument for having an abortion is that people may not be ready to have a baby or that they will not be able to provide the kind of life it needs, there is always adoption.

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    To say that a fetus has no brain shows a lack of same for the 1st answerer. Too bad his/her mother didn't believe in abortion.

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