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Our DNA is a transmitter tuning in one of infinate possibilities?

Talking quantum science here. Is our DNA tuned in to the frequency that is us (our vibration off point zero energy). Is DNA the go between from the quantum world to our classic world? Like our radio receiver that is instrumental in the collapse of the wave function.

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    I see where you are coming from and I think that you are indeed on a correct path leading toward a deeper understanding. While it is true that our DNA is indeed uniquely our own. The small changes between individual genomes is, on average, minuscule, making DNA, as mechanism for selecting out an individual, unlikely.

    However, there are other factors that are unique to the individual such as the shape and color configuration of the iris; finger prints, and EEG brain wave patterns. All of these characteristics are functions of quantum mechanics just as life itself is.

    Now, if there was a technology that could somehow interact with each of these unique quantum based characteristics, that technology might be able to select out one individual from among many.

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    all atoms are sustained by the quantum our DNA is no different at that level. But as a whole, as DNA, I think it is as well...being a transmitter/reciever to the quantum field. It's bi-directional and has to be, like yin and yang.

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    DNA is the kind of tansmitter of our genes which in return carrier of our characters so i guess it is like radio reciver

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