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I'm flying easyJet from London into Schengen zone. Will easyJet ask for proof I'll be leaving Schengen later?

I am Australian, so to enter the UK and after that enter the Schengen zone, I don't need a visa. But, I will be flying easyJet from London into Helsinki and I want to know about easyJet's policies, are they going to ask me for proof that I won't overstay my 90 days in the Schengen zone before they let me onto the plane? I fully intend to leave way before 90 days, but I haven't got my ongoing ticket out of Helsinki yet. Thanks for anyone who can help answer this question.


I should have noted, I know there will be no problem at Helsinki as I have confirmed this with their consulate. I just wanted to know what easyJet's stance is on the matter. Thanks for your insights :)

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    EasyJet is just bound to make sure that you have the right passport, and if needed visa, to be allowed into the country you want to go to, and that you are who you say you are.

    And with the amount of travel options from Helsinki, I doubt they even try to check at the Helsinki Airport, beyond a possible check that you have enough money or a credit card, to pay for a ticket.

    It might be helpful to have a recent bank statement, showing a healthy amount, handy in your bag, but I doubt you will be asked for it.

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    so some distance as i'm conscious, Easyjet purely settle for passport or image driving licence as identity. a pair of years in the past Germaine Greer became into refused a flight to Edinburgh together with her college lecturer's image identity card. (and had to omit her communicate on the Edinburgh e book pageant)

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    no as long as you have a passport and propper id then its none of their business;0) Now when you get to helsinki then when they might wanna see proff that you intent to leave again since its their country your entering !!

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