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高手請進 (Q.20) Translation



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    Our network is not like those clearly bundled wood but is similar to the circular ripples from a stone thrown into water. Every man is at the centre of his rippling social network. As the ripples spread out, personal interaction occurs. The affected network adopted by different people at a certain time at a certain place might not be the same.

    Excerpted from Rural China, by Fei Xiaotong

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    這就是 費孝通前輩的 "差序格局" (社會學絕學之一) ^^

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    As soon as “our pattern is not a bunch ties up the clear firewood, the ripple which but is probably loses a stone which occurs on the water surface a circle pushes out.Each people all are the circle center which his society affects pushes out.Has the relation is extended to which by the circle ripple.Each person the circle which uses for a while in some some place not necessarily same.”

    Fei Xiaotong "Local China"

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