Did harley harley davidson really design the V-rod?

just wondering because i have heard people say its German tech..

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  • Dale M
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    1 decade ago
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    the "V-Rod" makes use of an engine developed jointly with Porsche that, for the first time in Harley history, incorporates fuel injection, overhead cams, and liquid cooling. The V-Rod is visually distinctive, easily identified by the 60-degree V-Twin engine, the radiator and the hydro formed frame members that support the round-topped air cleaner cove. Harley gave Porsche the specs and said design. Quote Buell what Harley said "We have too many other projects going on." By the way the design was tested in Europe.

    Even the first Buell racing was getting Kosworth liquid cooled engines. They were the first Ducatti prototype engines

    So who do think designed it? Bosch fuel injection more horse power better throttle response, overhead cam more efficient, liquid cool are not all Harley innovations or Buell innovations. You know what Bill Gates said "Be a pirate". What you can not make steal and call it your own. So the origins of innovation are at best suspicious.

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    Believe it or not......Harley actually concieved the idea and prototyped an engine they developed into the V-Rod in the mid 70's. Porsche did play a small role is refining the old technology engine along with HD.

    Source(s): 20yr HD Tech. MMI Grad 1991 & 2009. Factory trained by HD, Big Dog, American Ironhorse, Titan and Indian.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Porsche design did design the engine. They have done a lot of design work for HD. Not all of it has reached the market...yet.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes it was H-D, i saw a show on TV on Discovery channel or TLC one of those learning channels bit sure what channel exactly but that actually showed the H-D designers design and build the V-Rod prototypes, its not German or any other country's at all, all H-D

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The V Rod is a flop for HD, the typical HD customer rejected it , and it never attracted new younger customers because of its high price tag.

    The performance numbers are not that exciting, its too heavy and uncomfortable.

    HD alienated their customer base with the V Rod

    HD should have stuck to their big air cooled cruiser bikes and improved on them, and maybe even offered a less expensive alternative air cooled cruiser bike such as a 650-750cc Sportster type bike for less than $7000.

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