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Kurt Cobain Poem, read?

read this first

he wasnt murdered,

it was by his own hand

but it was caused by the people

that misinterpreted his band

kicked out his home

living under a bridge

this world was his to roam

in actuality

he didn't die sad

this crazy world

just drove him mad

no one understood

the lyrics he wrote

but to him they made more sense

than a motorized rowboat

spokesman of a generation

he wasn't comfortable with

whether he was or not

it was not a myth

he wanted to love

what he did

he wanted the happiness

he felt as a kid

hundreds of concerts

and years of rock

made this man's happiness

impossible to unlock

song after song

lyrics and power chords

where did he belong?

posters and billboards

his cure was not more music

his cure was no more breath

happiness was drained from him

his only escape was death

but words to live by

as he, himself did say

"its better to burn out

than to fade away"

i know its not good

and i know it sounds like a nursery rhyme

cuz its nothing but "a b c b"

but its almost midnight and im bored

alot of this was written about...

read that first, then this

and this made me think about doing this...;_ylt=AqQxI...

so check that out. and if you don't mind leave some feedback or complaints or better ideas

but constructive criticism is strongly recommended the most :)

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    good poem

    but I just wanted to advise you that

    this quote

    "its better to burn out

    than to fade away"

    out dates cobain

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In the middle it kinda was like ''Clap you hands and rhyme'' :D But I loved it. I love Kurt. and Its so true all the words you wrote it wasn't cryptic what's so ever but who said you need to code every sentence with strange words we never use?Haha straight to the point and speaking the truth about a legend is a great tribute to him.Great poem.Keep up the good work! :) Good luck! Hope I could Help!

  • 1 decade ago

    you obviously understand what Kurt stood for and what his message as a musician was and i guess still is cos to spite his rejection as a leader of the youth in his time that is exactly what he was, your poem is honest and truthful about how you see him and it is a blessing to see people wanting to understand him and accept him for just simply who he was not what the media made him out to be. well done keep writing you have a natural talent.

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