Tattoo Licensing in Illinois?

Do you need to have a tattoo license to tattoo someone in the state of Illinois

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    1 decade ago
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    In Illinois a hairdresser is required to carry a state license in Illinois, but a tattoo artist or body piercer is not. Even as tattooing and piercing have grown greatly in popularity in recent years, becoming almost mainstream, few regulations have accompanied their explosion in Illinois.

    Most states have laws referring to the licensing of tattoo artists. But in Illinois, the only current law is one prohibiting minors from receiving tattoos.

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    Tattoo License Illinois

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    there is no law on having a tattoo license to tattoo people in illinois, the only law i could find says not to tattoo minors because it is a class a misdemeanor. so i would say it is not legal or illegal if there is no law on it. i know a lot of people that do tattoo's at their house for like freinds and family.

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