Cumberland County, PA townships?

Why is Lower Mifflin Township higher that of Upper Mifflin Township, as well as Lower Allen and Upper Allen Townships. Lower Allen Township is east and northeast of Upper Allen Townships?

Why are they like this??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Two reasons:

    1. As you move west through Cumberland County, the elevation generally gets higher the further you get from the Susquehanna. So Lower Allen is on the Susquehanna, Upper Allen is higher in elevation. Same goes for the Mifflins and Frankfords.

    2. In the olden days, north wasn't always at the top of the map. When the colonists first came to this country, on local maps the ocean was normally at the bottom (west) and so that meant that the east was at the top of the map. So all the Uppers are to the west of the Lowers.

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