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Why does the American media always show German soldiers as evil while showing the Japanese with honor in WW2?

Every American movie and almost every American history books always show all German soldiers as being evil and sadistic racists.What pisses me of is that American movies and history books often portray the Japanese as brave honorable soldiers who deserved to be respected by the allies.BUT THE JAPANESE WERE ANYTHING BUT HONORABLE!Japanese soldiers often sadistically abused and tortured Allied Prisoners of War,causing many of them die from starvation or exhaustion in work camps!Also,Japanese soldiers often brutally massacred inhabitants of places they went to for no reason but for the pleasure of seeing the people they conquered suffer!Additionally,Japanese would kidnap women as young as 15 in the places they conquered and send them to rape camps and brothels to be raped by Japanese sailors and soldiers!These kidnapped women would be raped as often as 30 times a day and face beatings and physicalpain by the Japanese military personnel that raped them!These poor women had faced sevre Vaginal bleeding and sevre vaginal pain from numerous rapes they faced.In fact many of them would be unable to produce children because of damage they recieved in their vagina and reproductive systems!Many of these young women would become ill.Even when ill,Japanese soldiers still sadistically raped them and brutally beaten them for no reason but fun!So many of these victimized rape women have died from illnesses they recieved from beatings and being raped so many times!As much as 100,000 women were kidnapped and sent to brothels and rape camps by the Japanese military!

Now,although they are demonized by the American media as being as sadistic murderers and rapists,the typical German soldier was nothing but a regular man who is only fighting because it is his duty for his country!Despite seeing their people face numerous attrocities like massacres and rape by the allied armies(especially by the Soviets,the typical German soldier did his best to be honorable and follow the laws of Geneva Convention!Unlike the Japanese,German soldiers would do their best to take care of prisoners of war they captured(even when they lacked the supplies to do so)!German soldiers were disgusted by the concept of slaughtering and raping inhabitants of places they conquered, and rarely did they commit rape and slaughter in the areas they had invaded!Not even the Waffen SS(Who committed most of the German armies war crimes) was prone to mistreatment of POWs and brutal treatment of inhabitants of countries that Germany conquered!In fact,thw Waffen SS thought slaughtering and raping local inhabitants was bad for military discipline!Even when they were hopelessly already losing the war,German soldiers still followed the Geneva Convention and acted honorably in the last days of WW2!

So why do most Americand think all German soldiers were evil rapists and murderers while thinking that most Japanese soldiers were brave honorable men who deserved respect?I'm American and am pissed of with this!

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    Because they were the Nazi Empire. Simple as that. The Holocaust was titled and publicized by the American Media relentlessly. Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, all being relentlessly wiped off the face of the earth. No such title exists for what the Empire of the Rising Sun did to the people of Japan and American soldiers. The Japanese were brutal, and you're right, most Germans at the time would like nothing more then the stick a knife in the heart of the men who commanded the slaughter of innocents. To be honest, your specific question has many angles to be looked at from.

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    The victors get to write the history books. There were atrocities committed by ALL sides in that war. The Russians murdered almost as many Jews as the Germans did. They had forced labor in the occupied areas too but you don't hear about this. The only reason that Stalin joined the Allies is because Hitler pushed back when Russian forces kept encroaching on German held land in Poland. The Brittish had their "Red Book" which outlined "Special" warfare tactics. Nobody is "Lily White" in any war. People will do anything to survive, even commit the most barbaric acts. The only thing that really sets the Germans apart from others during WW2 is that they actually had the intent and ability to bring the war to American soil. The race for the atomic bomb was only a couple of months apart and a missile capable of reaching the US had already been developed. Don't forget that this all happened just over 50 years ago. Not long enough to heal the wounds.

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    Because the Japanese ate only australian soldiers Yes very Honorable

    and the game the Japanese soldiers Filmed in china cutting open the womb of pregnant chinese women and passing the Fetus from bayonet to bayonet and if it fell to the Ground played foot ball with it and the Japanese filmed it

    but he Most Honorable thing the Japanese soldier did was to have girls as young a 9 years old servicing up to 50 unwashed Japanese soldiers a day

    and i will no go to the Nazis i was visiting Auschwitz berkinau in June 2009

    i was also posted to Germany after WW2 so i wont start on the NAZIS ordinary german soldiers

    there was a camp in poland where the Horror was so great the SS destroyed it Majdanek the Horrors far worse than Treblinka

    Run By Women of the SS yes ordinary german soldier's

    These women included Elsa Erich, Hermine Braunsteiner, Hildegard Lachert and Rosy Suess. Elisabeth Knoblich was one of the rutheless overseers in the camp. She was so brutal and sadistic that even her fellow Aufseherinnen feared her

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    Simple. The Germans have the reputation. Nothing more, nothing less. The Japanese were every bit as evil as the NSDAP. Every atrocity committed by the Germans was equaled or bettered by the Japanese. In fact, the Japanese were a good deal worse. The Germans treated military prisoners according to the Geneva Convention. The Japanese made paper airplanes of the Geneva convention.

    But the Germans have the reputation.

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    The incidents that you talk about with Japanese happened in countries that the US Film industry has no interest in Those incident happened in Korea, China Burma and Malaysia, In the Philippines there seems not to have been comfort women because there was a large resistance against the occupation and the Japanese were against raping the civilians that were held at civilian camps there. As for the Germans most of what GI's have stated in their memoirs state that the German Soldier was a just a bunch of normal guys so that Hollywood feels that that is what you must give people. The insane SS guy comes from the War Movies of the 1940's and hasn't really changed since then.

    The truth is that war bring out the worst in people no matter which side you are on, there are stories of US soldiers KIlling German and Italian POWs just as there ar reports of Germans and Italians Killing Allied POWs. There are Japanese who wouldn't kill a wounded American just as much as there were some who would. War is Hell and you can't refine it. What we see on the screen and the tube in war movies is what a writer wants us to see and a message that they want to say.

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    Wow! Think about what you're asking. The Germans who you say weren't evil rapists and murderers imprisoned almost 10 million Jews, Slavs, Poles, Gypsies, etc in horrible death camps and murdered most of them with gas or let them starve to death or die of disease. Did these Good Germans care about people?

    The Japanese, whom you say were honorable, were not, (except for a few). The only honor they had was the Bushido code. They murdered prisoners of war, raped villagers and killed indiscriminately. Did you ever hear about the Bataan Death March? In 1942, the Japanese took the militray members in the Phillipines consisting of Americans, Filipinos and other allied troops, prisoner. Then they started these 75,000 prisoners of war on an almost 100 mile march to Japanese POW camps. Only about 50,000 men made it to the end. The rest were killed during the long march when they stopped or tried to call out or even just for sport. The Japs would cut the heads off a man for sport or slit someone's throat, or run them over.

    So, now, who do you think was honorable?

    The WWII era Japs and Germans committed horrible atrocities and I hope we never see these things again.

    I 'm glad you are 'pissed'. You should be. Don't ever forget that these atrocities happened; but don't blame the modern day Japs or Germans. Most of them weren't even living in WWII and are normal everyday working people like us.

    I'm an American. Just like you.

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    The answer is simple. While the Japanese murdered more than 20-25 million civilians, and committed untold atrocities on civilian populations ranging from mass beheading and bayonetting to cannibalism on POW's, they never killed JEWS and the American media is, in fact, largely owned and operated by Jews so neither the Japanese, Soviets, Mongols, Turks or anyone else in history will be as demonized perpetually as the Nazis and their Axis allies because a Jew life is worth ten non-jews, as the Talmud and Old Testament clearly attest to

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    Well despite all the arguments saying that the Japanese werent as bad as Nazi's, I'd have to disagree.

    Yes, the Japanese were extremely terrible to humanity during WWII and the rape of Nanking and all the rape and terror in Korea is almost unforgivable, but the answer to your question: why America portrays Germany as evil and the Japanese as honorable is probably because Japan surrendered unconditionally to America and let America strip it of its army and impose its government on Japan. I would say that it is DEFINITE propaganda on our part. We basically took Japan as our little orphan and helped it become the extremely successful nation it is today. Of course America's investment in Japan would be much better if the American people agreed with the governments actions.

    Despite the atrocities of the Japanese military, I would hope you're not angry at the Japanese people of today (it sounds like you are)-many of them are content with having no army and many seriously admire American culture. (I'm part German actually, but most of my closest friends are Japanese)

    You can't deny that Germany did terrible things under Hitler- much of it equally as or more horrifying than what the Japanese did, but I believe the answer to your question plainly put, is that the Japanese SERIOUSLY cooperated with America after the war and it seems like much has been forgiven.

    Hopefully that helped?

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    It all goes back to the propaganda that the government put out at the time. The government didn't need to convince Americans that the Japanese were bad because anti-Japanese feelings went though the roof after Pearl Harbor. The government saw Germany as the largest threat and wanted to end the war in Europe first, so they had to invest in a large anti-German propaganda war, the effects of which are still with us today.

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    This is a very good question.

    Sean wrote "You have to understand that the Japanese did not throw innocents into camps and execute them in mass numbers"; true, no camps, but the Japanese committed crimes on a mass scale no less horrendous. Primary example: "The Rape of Nanking," where perhaps half of the city's 600,000 residents were killed. Such atrocities' importance is not determined by superiority of numbers; we are not reminded of this Nanking example as we are the Holocaust, because (among other reasons) the Chinese victims are not deemed as important in Western society. The fact is, the Japanese performed Nazi-like deeds in other ways as well, as in the case of medical experiments.

    I liked Ariana's intelligent reasoning very much. I'd add, however, that while Japan served as the primary example of being open to America's whims after the war and with America’s occupation, it is not like Germany was not subservient to America either. Germany was also molded according to American whims (save for the Soviet sector of occupation, of course), since the British and the French kowtowed to the much more powerful American interests. Therefore, I'm not sure if this reasoning fully explains why the Japanese are depicted far more honorably in Western media today.

    The reason, to me, is fairly obvious. Unlike the Germans, who certainly received their share of hateful propaganda during the war (WWI charges of the "Hun" re-appeared now and then), the non-white "Japs" were treated in an especially racist way; the Japanese were not perceived as real human beings, by and large. As a result, they were “in for it” to a greater extent. A good example is that Japanese Americans were targeted far more comprehensively than their German and Italian counterparts during the WWII internment period (the American and Canadian “camps”). If Germany were still in the war later in 1945, it is a sure bet President Truman would not have shown his atomic hand in Europe. The “less human” Japanese made for a far more acceptable target.

    Filmmakers of recent generations, such as Steven Spielberg who depicted the Japanese so honorably in films such as "Empire of the Sun" (1987) (at the same time depicting the Germans largely in the opposite fashion, in "Schindler's List" and the Indiana Jones films; he was a bit fairer with "Saving Private Ryan"), I believe, were bothered by this awfully bigoted look at the Japanese in years past, and have been trying to "atone." It's a way of alleviating their consciences, making up for past anti-Japanese mistreatment in the Western media; in short, it’s a matter of “balance.”


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