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Trinidad vs De La Hoya?

If a rematch happen today who would win?

Who do u really think won the first fight I give it to oscar

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    Oscar De la Hoya was clearly robbed the first fight. De La Hoya will beat trinidad even if it is held in Puerto Rico with Miguel Cotto, Ivan Calderon, and Juan manuel Lopez as trinidad's cheerleaders.

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    I think De La Hoya did win the first fight between them. But Oscar can't win the big fight's any more, so I don't doubt he will loose again to Trinidad!

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    1 decade ago

    that would actually be a good fight!

    oscar can still fight, just not somebody young and ferocious like pac

    i think de la hoya won even though he was on his bike the last rounds

    both are out of shape they would have to fight at 160 or maybe 154

    tito would run out of gas rd 6 and get ko'd or ref stoppage

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    Evertime a good fighter pulls off an upset, especially against a "crowd pleaser" like De La Hoya everyone yells "Fake" and "setup" Felix won, and he deserved it. You can't rack up points in the first few rounds, and then dance around for the rest of the fight and expect to win. Oscar should have taken lessons from Muhammad Ali.

    If they had re-matched shortly after, De La Hoya would have probably won. If the, fought today, Felix would win since Oscar, as good as he was is now a shell of a fighter.

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  • Hey,i remember that fight like yesterday.All the Mexican fans were upset with Hoya because he just did a movie and commercial in mexico and still had his face bleached and waxed,then when he got in the ring with Titto,Hoya was running and punching.A style never seen of Hoya,he never ran from no man.It was a Puerto Rico-vs-Mexico clash and Hoya didn't give the spanish people what they wanted.Trinidad clearly won that fight.He punch all rounds and chased Hoya.

    If a rematch would happen again right now,i wouldn't know who to pick.

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    1 decade ago

    I think Tito would take Oscar legitimately this time, Oscar looked like he was pretty spent against Pacquiao, and even though Tito didn't look great his last time out either he did go 12 with Roy Jones Jr. a much bigger man.

    Felix Trinadad by clear Unanimous Decision.

  • Sean G
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    1 decade ago

    Felix is retired and should stay there. He won. He has nothing to prove. Oscar went out on the stool, so he does. He would win now based on the drive to win.

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