Is everything in life 'planned' and does everything happen for a reason ?

also does that mean that the 'cause and effect' theory holds ?

I want examples of something which NOTHING can forecast - something random that can happen/occur in day to day life.

even when we say 'two ppl met - it was fate'

even there there is a reason behind how they met or someway of explaining it. Therefore perhaps I just want examples of REALLY eerie bizzare things which randomly occur time to time, and have no real logical explanation as to how and why the occur - got it ?

if u want to give me paranormal experiences or brush with the occult - sure go for it.

A distan tuncle of mine told me he was 'meant' have gotten onto that bus that went to tavistock square on 7/7 - but somehow didnt get on it.

Well that 'somehow' is the reason he didn't get on it. So thats planned to some extent. And can be explained rationaly.

BUT - examples of something that contradicts all of this ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This question is not hard, and is very simple. What you call "life" you mean your personal experience. And whatever you may experience is affected by the present, and nothing but the present. With present conditions of mind you do, whatever. But your mind in the present moment is based on the past, and in the past you have your experiences, thoughts, feelings, conscience, perceptions and mental formations. Even the future affects you now, because you desire, and what you desire will always be a prospect for the future. So as each of these conglomerate into your present mind, those conditions arise for you to do whatever. And from when you do whatever there will be effect, and then effect of the effect, etc.

    Source(s): Observations
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  • Donna
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    4 years ago

    The belief is called "determinism." Here's how I see it: I would *strongly* prefer that life NOT be planned... That there be no "destiny"... That we have choice over what we do. But as long as it *seems* as though we do, I don't know that it matters. I can think I have control and be happy. Honestly, though, why would you want everything to be planned? If your future, everyone's future, and the whole universe's future was already written in stone, what would be the point in anything? Let me share with you something that I've learned in biology class... Every one of your father's sperm could have fertilized any one different egg. There were over *70 trillion* possible individuals--all genetically unique--who could have been created at conception. Had your parents done something as simple as shift positions during coitus--or if the bed was made up at all differently--you would be an *entirely* different person. Let that soak in. When you think about it that way, *everything* seems so randomly: everyone you know, even everything you are. - Cedric

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  • 1 decade ago

    A lot depends upon your belief systems to begin with.

    Getting all religious, an interesting idea, The Bible Code, is supposed to predict all off the big events. Once quote from the bible is that everything is seen, but free will is given.

    If you believe that the future can be predicted, then that implies that the future is set. However, for free will to be given that implies a choice. So perhaps there are a limited number of possible outcomes, ranging in probabilities. So perhaps god does play dice.

    Preminition and divination are tricky subjects. However, the physics that work for forward time, also works for reverse time. So it could be that your unle was remembering the future. Who knows. People have been puzzling over this stuff for ages.

    Another argument is that we live in a multiverse. I.E. that there are an inifinate number of universes out there. In this manner you can prevent paradoxes when travelling in time. If this is true, perhaps our existence only apears to be planned, but is in fact one working version of the universe and that, for every working version, there are an infinate number of universes that didn't/couldn't exist.

    Anyway, have fun toying with your ideas. It will only take you a lifetime to figure out, or will drive you crazy.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Let's say there is an infinite metaphysical spirit which is the origin of all action and all things, including what might be the illusion that individuals are doing it on their own. If it is infinite in every way possible and has always existed, then it would seem that its level of intelligence would have no limit either. If that is the case then although of course it could hatch plans before enacting them, because of its infinite capacity it seems that it also would be able to come up with an idea for something in zero amount of time as well as make the decision to carry out the plan in the same timeless instant. So, whatever that "happening" would be in that instant might merely be some kind of spontaneous playful action on its part and that action could also take place in unrelated juxtaposition with the rest of its creativity. In other words, it could be spontaneously planning as it goes along in order to create an orderly coherent story known as life with a theme to go along with a plot, as well as throw in some spontaneous playful actions which are not necessary for the overall meaning of the story but don't make it meaningless as well. I suppose it could allow itself to get totally wild so that its creativity becomes unpredictable, even to itself, as well.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If everything in life was planned there would be absolutely no point to life at all. There are many things you have no control over so what happens is what happens and what you do about them is what you do. By the way what is "a distan tuncle?"

    Source(s): Experience.
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  • 1 decade ago

    You want some examples???

    What would have happen of Edison didn't dropped out?

    What would have happen if Beethoven wasn't deaf?

    What would have happen if Bill gates didn't dropped out?

    What would have happen if Einstein didn't fail in his entrance exam?

    What would have happen if Edison's teacher didn't call him addled?

    What would have happen if Lennon finished his studies?

    What would have happen if the Beatles didn't fail?

    What would have happen if I didn't use the computer today?

    I tell you, life is a complex matter. The important matter I know is never stop learning, never stop asking question, never stop dreaming. As one of Micheal's words , "Make this world a better place".

    If you're not in school , it doesn't mean that you're doomed to fail.

    If you're not so called "Smart", that doesn't mean you can't make a difference?

    If you keep you failing, that doesn't mean you're gonna fail all your life.

    If you're all alone, that doesn't mean your really alone.

    If you're experiencing some adversities, that doesn't mean you can't handle it.

    Life is complex!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i can't think of a single thing. That's the nature of reality, nothing can happen with out a cause, if science has taught us nothing else, it should have at least taught us that. but that doesn't mean that a conceious being planned it all out or that there is any reason for anything beyond the things which caused it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You could never find examples to contradict this.

    I believe that too, that everything is planned.

    So, there could never be anything random that has not been planned.

    EVERYTHING is planned and determined to happen.

    which still brings me to the question: are our thoughts planned too?

    is it already determined what we're gonna think or do we have free will over our thoughts?

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  • Avinue
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    1 decade ago


    It all depends on the specific person.

    Everyone believes in something different so they can't all be wrong or right. Just stick with it, as long as it's you.

    By the way, your question made absolutely no sense at all...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All I know there are two things ONLY that is planned, first is that we are all BORN and the second one we are in destined to DIE, and the rest is all about us, for what were going to do is what we going to get someday.

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