Jehovah's Witnesses have you found that you had to increase your hours in the ministry due to high interest?

I know I have. I've started auxiliary pioneering. The funny thing is that I had been doing the hours anyway and the title wasn't important but I did it anyway. The interest is getting much more sincere. People are asking so many questions and I live in a rural area. What's it like in the cities?


Don't worry people, times are going to get harder. When people aren't so comfortable they start thinking about more important things.

Update 2:

Myro, what good ideas! I especially like the newspaper article idea.

Update 3:

Debbie, you sound so discouraged. Did I tell you that it was over 30 years from the time that I had my first bible study until I started going to the Kingdom Hall? You may have already been in contact with someone who will soon accept the truth.

Update 4:

Kev...what a great story! The lady that said no reminded me of my grandmother who had a stroke and was left with only one word in her

Update 5:'s wonderful.

All fantastic stories but we're frustrated too. A sister in our congregation gets very frustrated and she keeps saying to me, "why can't they see it, it's so plain?"

Update 6:

Yes, being direct does seem to hold their interest better.

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    I am a pioneer, but I regularly put in sp pio hours. Because I have so many calls and studies.

    I work part time, so I have the freedom to do so.

    In our area, it is very easy to place literature - it is nothing for pioneers to be able to place 200 plus mags in a month. And books - a dozen or more.

    We are running ourself ragged with the interest. But it is a joyful "ragged". I have two studies who are new publishers, so I'm busy training them.

    Our Hispanic brothers are developing a new congregation every two years. Five years ago we had one in our city - now we have three and they are getting bigger also.

    Our congregation went from 65 publishers last July to 122 last month. So the circuit overseer has asked my husband and me to move to a neighboring congregation to help them grow more. We made the same kind of move to this congregation 2 and a half years ago. It had 51 publishers then.

    So things are on the move here.

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    Hi Brother,

    Over here in the UK the people, in the main, tend to be either apathetic or complacent. Of course there's times when I get a nice conversation with a person. Still, we don't know if the response rate will get better the worse things start to get, do we? I hope so. What, though, we are now starting to try on 1st call is to directly ask if a person would be interested in having a Bible study as a congregation a few miles from us has done that and have said they have increased their Bible studies. So maybe the direct approach is a good one to use.

    I am really glad that interest where you are has started to increase and that it keeps up.

    Agape - your sister in the UK

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    You might call it, "people are worried", they are more willing to talk. Another thing I've found is with more people having a computer & finding that there is a world of info on every thing from an ingrown toe nail to the lies being taught by the clergy. They can from their living room find out that Easter is a pagan Babylonian goddess of fertility & the clergy has adulterated paganism into a Bible doctrine, no wonder false religion is call a Harlot in the 18th chapter of Revelation. The clergy is finding it harder & harder to keep the masses in the dark.

    I read an article that the Pope is endorsing the United Nation to have more teeth?? Isn't there a Bible prophecy that says the beast(UN) will wage war on the Lamb?? This will start the Great day of Jehovah, the battle of Armageddon where false religion, wickedness,& world government & all that stay in them will be destroyed.

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    I was out this morning and we had a great time! I'm just getting over a radical cystectomy with a neobladder and I was new in the truth to begin with, so I haven't had a lot of experience but the little exposure I have had has been great! I got a lot of experience right here! Like the brother said about the Reasoning book, it is a very great tool from the Slave Class.

    There was one lady today in service that kept saying no when we were not saying anything so we thought it best to leave, we heard her in the background saying no over and over as we were walking away. She must have meant no.

    But outside of her there was nothing but ears and great experiences! One of them was one of those stories you hear about all the time and wish you were there. A lady two of the sisters went to said she had been praying for answers to questions she had about God! And we showed up! I was never that close to one of those stories before. Anyway, there was a Bible study arrangement made and now the two sisters have a great experience to share at the meetings.

    You never know when your going to get a bite, we just need to keep doing our part and let Jehovah do his. Besides, this is great practice for the New System! We will be the first in and be the lead in the teaching work. We will be speaking a lot bolder in those very near day's because our audience will be very captive. There wont be any question as to what is going to happen if they don't want to listen!

    We are taking a part in a very big part of life, lets enjoy it for what it is, a once in a lifetime opportunity to save lives and give our Father a reply.

    Thank you Star for asking this question and giving us all a chance to tell our stories!

    Your brother in Oregon, Kevin

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    These numbers are taken of those who witness from door to door in the field ministry & do not include the number of meeting attendance or new births as we had over 19 million that came to the passover, only baptized and unbaptized publishers are counted in these numbers. I've herd those that ridicule say are number of increase is due to newborns but that comes from those that are ignorant of where the number comes from. (Psalm 1:1-6) Happy is the man that has not walked in the counsel of the wicked ones, And in the way of sinners has not stood, And in the seat of ridiculers has not sat.  2 But his delight is in the law of Jehovah, And in his law he reads in an undertone day and night.  3 And he will certainly become like a tree planted by streams of water, That gives its own fruit in its season And the foliage of which does not wither, And everything he does will succeed.  4 The wicked are not like that, But are like the chaff that the wind drives away.  5 That is why the wicked ones will not stand up in the judgment, Nor sinners in the assembly of righteous ones.  6 For Jehovah is taking knowledge of the way of righteous ones, But the very way of wicked ones will perish.

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    Hello Brother,

    Our territory is not so interested and I can't do much in door work anyway (health, kids, etc)...

    I've been doing alternate witnessing through penpalling by postal letter, email, messenger program and sometimes phone for some 22 years.

    Years ago, I started a private group on yahoo to help others increase their service esp. disabled, ill, elderly, shut in, those who work a lot, etc.

    There are over 100 members and others who print out to use the stuff for older ones in their congregations.

    I have so much of this I can't keep up and am constantly referring studies to others of the friends.

    I emailed Debbie and asked if she'd like to "move over into Macedonia" a bit and try some.

    I got 3 emails asking to write about the Bible by postal mail just this week from an ad I put on the penpal section of a magazine for old timers.


    Edited to add: I always use the direct approach and ask people if they are interested in the Bible/God, if there are questions they have for him and offer Bible studies. We penpallers even swap "friendship books" and sheets with such direct offers. Plus we use pioneering or study starting questions....a few years back a circuit overseers presented us with questions and a few scriptures for each here...said to use these for Bible study starters. We put them and more on fbs to get interest...probably one reason for the overwhelming interest. We never just try to place literature or collect donations....and since we don't use literature except maybe print offs from computer or tracts, we don't waste literature, but place it with those who really want it.

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    the hours is coming and the interest is there we just have to find them, our elder told us to be enthused about going out this particular day, (every day really). And the brothers heeded council and no joke 3 different people last sat. has 2 bible studies started just by doing that and 1 possible will know on the return visit..... the sister said they were asking all sorts of questions. So lets get busy bro./ sis. and remember the Harvest is great but the workers are few, there fore BEG the master..........(33) baptized last month at our district assembly.

    Yes apathy is every where you go but we have to remember..

    Ezek 2:7-And you must speak my words to them, regardless of whether they hear or they refrain, for they are a case of rebellion.

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    We live in a tourist area. Many of our calls are not at homes. I just remind myself that I am doing what is expected of me, knocking on doors. When we find someone at home they usually are busy, not interested or are polite and will listen. Rare is the really interested one. Life keeps us all occupied with other things. Let me add I live in the Bible belt, Baptist country. They are a stubborn breed but we still try and plant the seeds.

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    Be glad you don't live in Florida. Most people here are so entrenched in what they have been taught is in the Bible or are too old to care. I've found more interest in a few of the people on this board than I have in many years of going door to door. My husband kids me that I'm putting in "pioneer hours" and don't attend all the meetings. But I'm working on it.

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    I live in a small town and the interest is just not here.

    No matter where we go apathy is the main feeling.

    Some studies are started but few come to fruition.

    We have about 3 people a year get baptized.

    Just think of the millions and millions that will be destroyed because they refuse to hear.

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