What's the difference between Young Adult books and adult books?

i mean like i'm 17, almost 18 and i want to start reading adult books. what are the difference between young adult and adult,i mean are they harder to understand? or are they just older characters?

also what books should i start with if i want to read an adult book?

the genres i like are romance/fantasy/horror/action-thriller

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    Essentially, young adult books are more directed towards teens, so they tend to deal with issues that teens have more interest in. High school, coming of age, crushes, social problems, that sort of thing. Adult books typically focus less on these issues, often in favor of things that teens have less interest it. They aren't necessarily harder (though some are), but they can deal with more complex subject matter.

    Also the genres tend to be more defined in adult books because of how they're placed in book stores (separate section as opposed to a single section like the YA books). A YA book can have a more ambiguous genre because no one has to worry about where to shelve it.

    Most of the time, the characters in young adult books are young adults because that's what the target readers are interested in. And characters in adult books are often--but not always--a little older. I think this is less important to separating the young adult from adult genres--it just sort of happens as an aftereffect of considering who will be reading the book.

    For fantasy, I'd recommend reading Brandon Sanderson's work. He's an awesome writer trying to break away from the stereotypical fantasy and help redefine the genre without copycatting Tolkien. Of course there are recognizable fantasy aspects to his books, but he tries to bring in different things to. And his magic systems are almost scientific in nature. I'd say try his Mistborn trilogy first. It's amazing, thought the titles are a little generic (The Final Empire is the first book, The Well of Ascension is the second, and The Hero of Ages is last).

    I don't read much horror, but I love Stephen King. I always worried he was sort of over-hyped, but I finally sat down and read Night Shift. I absolutely loved it. King's Dark Tower series might be something you'd like. It's a little more cross-genre than just horror, so you get some of the other things you like too.

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    Young adult novels are told from a teenager's perspective. Whereas adult fiction is told through the eyes of an adult.

    I suggest anything by Paulo Coelho, Jodi Picoult or Sarah Dunant


    ♦Veronika Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho

    ♦My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

    ♦The Birth Of Venus by Sarah Dunant

    ♦Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen

    ♦The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

    ^easy to read literature for someone that's taking the leap from teen fiction to adult lit.

    Source(s): btw i read some of those last year when i was 17. =)
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    To me for the adult book it goes into more detail for some books like for example a sex seen and there are some that are harder to understand other then that not much then again i havent read that many adult ones but here are 2 adult series that are really good and not to hard to understand

    Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward (adult)

    Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian (adult)

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    It isn't the age of the characters, it's more the content of the books. Adult books usually have a darker content, heavy emotional load, deeper, rounder characters. Young Adult books are lighter. Take romantic comedies: they're young adult, not adult, even if they have some sex in them. Mysteries are young adult/adult -- they're usually much lighter. But romantic suspense, thrillers, horror are usually adult. I was exactly 17 when I started transitioning from young adult to adult. It was the same summer I read a lot of books -- some by Mary Higgins Clark (YA) and some by Erica Spindler (A), among others. Here's a suggestion of my favorite books. And, oh, no, adult books aren't harder to understand.

    "The Grant County Series, by Karin Slaughter"

    It's a series of books about a pediatrician/coroner, Dr. Sara Linton, of a small town in Georgia. She comes across brutal crimes, and as a coroner, she has to work with her ex husband (though that kind of changes as the series go), the county's sheriff, Jeffrey Tolliver, and troubled detective Lena Adams. The characters are compelling, the crimes and suspense are bone chilling.

    "Don't Tell, I'm Watching You, Nothing to Fear, You Can't Hide and Count to Ten, by Karen Rose."

    It's a series of romantic suspense novels that happen in Chicago, in which characters alternate from being main to secondary (the main character of one book is secondary in the others). Karen Rose builds characters like no one else, they're endearing, lovable, you wish they were your friends, your family, your neighbors. The plots are creative and original and the romance makes you drool.

    "The Predator Series" and "The No Evil" Series, by Allison Brennan"

    Two interwined series of romantic suspense novels by Allison Brennan. The books are technical, the plots are creative, the characters are likable. The technicalities and forensics give the books a distinguished trait.

    "The BulletCatchers series, by Roxanne St. Claire"

    A series of romantic suspense novels about body guards that will go to hell and back to protect their subjects. St. Claire's clear and fluent writing, plus her fascinating characters and hot, steamy romance, make her books amazing reads.

    "The Buchanan Brothers Series, by Julie Garwood"

    It's a series of romantic suspense novels about law enforcement brothers, who end up in cases in which they have to protect a women -- that end up turning out to be someone they could be close to. While the plot seems generally stereotypical, Garwoord's humor is unique -- her books are absolutely hilarious and her characters find themselves in situations you wouldn't believe.

    The Jane Rizzolli/Maura Isles Series, by Tess Gerritsen"

    A series of psychological Thrillers like it's never been done before. Gerritsen gets in the mind of psychopath killers like no one else. Her books are creepy, fascinating. Her characters deep and compelling. Her prose fabulous

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    idk, the way i see it is adult is written more maturely, adult concepts, and pretty much there is sex in adult books when there isn't in young adult. but books i would recommend...

    moloka'i by allen brennert

    my sister's keeper by jodi picoult

    a thousand splendid suns by hosseni

    marley and me by grogan

    and (i'm reading this right now actually, simnce te movie is coming out) the time traveler's wife by niffeneggar

    Source(s): avid reader
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