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Is this a mistake by Chase Bank?

i have the chase free checking account. i'm 17. i've overdrawn from my account twice-- once about a month ago for $12, and then 2 days ago for $14. i get paid by direct deposit friday's, and both happened on like a tuesday.

i wasn't charged an overdraft fee either time. i guess they could still put one on today, but it's been like 3 days since i overdrew. can they still put a fee on my account? i want to be prepared. if not, do they just not charge overdraft fees? i'm not planning on doing it again but i was just wondering if it was a mistake.. i thought all banks did..


everything was paid back within 2 days; it was only $10&$12. it was originally the WaMu free checking, i would never have signed up with chase

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    maybe when you opened this account you requested overdraft protection from the bank and perhaps you forgot or didn't understand when they were talking to you so go to the bank in person and talk with a rep. to find out about your account. dont be afraid, if you dont have the money they cant take any from you then and there but they will charge you late fees untill you pay anything you owe to the bank

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    They will not charge you they will close your account., Report you to the chexsystem and you will be unable to open another account anywhere. Bouncing checks is carelessness or fraud

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