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why the british can speak in american accent but the american can't do the opposite?

i always notice that the british actors speak the american accent very well, in the other hand there's a few american actors can speak in british accent.

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    Actually, I've heard very few convincing American accents from British actors, but in general I think the current generation of actors on both sides of the Atlantic are getting better at accents. Or they have better dialog coaching these days.

    Australian actors seem to be the best at doing both American and British. Why is that?

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    Only a very few British actors can speak good American accents, it's not common at all. British actors are known for their tendency to be too British and the fact that studios often leave them out of big productions.

    As for why people can mimic an accent or not depends on how much exposure to the accent one gets, and one's natural talent. It has little to do with where you are born except for countries with strong accents, stronger accents like the german or british ones are harder to get rid of.

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    You must not be American if you think that British actors speak the accent well. They almost always favor a ludicrously twangy style reminiscent of the old TV westerns from the 1950s. The ones who do succeed tend to be Irish, since much of the so-called American accent derives from that origin.

    However, you are right that American actors also butcher British accents as a general rule.

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    I can do it, so can my brother. We were in Target, and heard these girls speaking in an English accent, we asked them if they were from England,and they said they just like speaking that way. Also, American actors are hardly placed in a British role. So they don't get to display their voice talent. Kiersten Dunst is a great actress. She can do a perfect English Accent.

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    Many American actors can. See, for instance, "Spinal Tap." I think the Australian actors speak "American" even better than the British ones do.

  • First of all, I know plenty of people who can speak with an adequate false brittish accent.

    But the reason why brits may be better at it is because they tend to find themselves more frequently in need of replicating Americans. After all, America is known for its entertainment industry. Brits just have to copy us to fit in, and so they need to take more classes (and have more experience practicing) our accents than we do theirs.

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    Eh? I'm British, and my American accent's crap! It's totally put on, and it bloody well SOUNDS it! :/

    Source(s): Just ask my girlfriend- nothin' pisses her off more than when I try and fake a Yankee accent! :(
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    Well there are many among us who can do perfect British accents. :)

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    americans normally cant because its either they try too hard or they're not really commited to it

    i heard this on an interview with kate winslet in her recent movie with leo dicaprio

    Source(s): me :)
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