Piano notes for crush by elise estrada.?

Does anyone have the piano notes for the song crush by elise estrada. A website that gives it free. Or if you know it, and have the notes that would be great too.♥ PLease, help. I know how to play the piano and I love that song. I want to play that song on my piano. Please help. 10 points for the best answer, and you earn 2 points for answering. ;D Thanks in advance.♥

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    thats actually Rosette's song..."Rosette - Crushed"...Eslise Estrada was just doing a cover...

    sorry can't find any...but you should try learning through listening...you'll be a much better pianist that way...

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    5 years ago

    We do NOT *do the notes* to music here. We advise you to learn to READ music. And - some of what you ask for is copyrighted - you must PAY for it - us sending you a copy of what we own is STEALING. Some works are public domain - free to everyone - but YOU can look up the notes and write them in - this will help you learn. My General Music kids though that they were *getting it past me* when they noticed that I never looked at THEIR music in recorder classes - and so they wrote in page after page - even copying them friends. I pretended to be blind to it all. Then there is always that kid who asks "do we HAVE to write them in?" Of course not! Next week - anybody who can play a new song from MY book, gets extra credit - and no written homework that night. They soon realized that they could EASILY read all the notes. Yeah - they were really sneaking it by me, alright . . . It should take you only a few hours TOPS - spread over as many days as you feel like it - to learn to read everything you need. Write the letter names in you music until you do not need to anymore. Added - I. Jones you are *hysterical*!!!! Betcha this kids takes HOURS trying to play this - instead of learning to read music . . . I might be hard-nosed - but you are just plain OILY . . . ! Love it!

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