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What do anti-immigration activist think about this?

And why don't they share immigration news like this? Have people like this guy taken it too far?

A freelance bounty hunter has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for identifying himself as an immigration officer to a Hispanic family, entering their Annapolis apartment and stealing $25 from a wallet.

According to court documents and prosecutors, Hatch walked up to Ruth Erazo at about 4 p.m. May 4, 2008, outside her apartment on Martha Court and said he was with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He showed the woman a badge, what she said looked like a handgun and a set of handcuffs, and said he was looking for a Hispanic man. He then followed her to her apartment, went inside and asked her and her sister for their identification.

Hatch searched the apartment, including a bedroom, and eventually left, prosecutors said.

"We thought what he was doing was legal," one of the sisters said Tuesday after arriving late for court with a young boy, his face covered in poison ivy. She declined to give her name.

Later, Erazo noticed he had dumped out the contents of a purse on her bed and stolen $25 from a wallet.

Chase said in court he believed Hatch targets Hispanic immigrants because English is their second language, they are unfamiliar with the protections inherent in U.S. law, and they may be less likely to call police for fear of deportation.

"They are … the perfect victim," he said.

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    anti -immigrants are f-r-e-a-k-s

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    This is absurd childish logic. You would know this, Tony, if you had an IQ higher than your shoe size. There is nothing wrong with being anti-immigration in today's society where immigrants are given almost equal rights with American Citizens born and bred in the USA. Our forefathers were grateful for the opportunity to come to America. They worked hard, paid income taxes, Learned English, Became Citizens and participated in communities. They contributed greatly to the growth of the USA ...all without the help of welfare, food stamps and section 8 housing. Now go back to the drawing board Tony and re-think your racist accusations and remember that while you point the finger and pass judgement on those you consider your enemy, there's 3 pointing back at the true source. As of April, 2009, America is not the same country as Mexico. Know the difference. Outstanding research Joel W--the bottom line says it all!

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    As the understanding of what is happening grows, so does the anger. The illegal aliens have stolen trillions of dollars at this point, from the United States Taxpayers.

    You point to this event as though it meant something. While that was happening, the illegal aliens killed six American Citizens, and THAT is the story.. not some rube hack in Annapolis that makes robbery a habit.

    Notice also pal... the guy was looking for an easy mark. He wasn't looking for illegal aliens.. just an easy mark, and the illegal aliens are looking for easy marks in all of the Hispanic Neighborhoods in the United States... and those boys kill you if you don't give them what you want.

    A really good site for you to read...

    One last thing.. instead of offending everyone on the board with your rude remarks, why don't you try and understand that we are trying to cause the Federal Government to honour their oath of office and enforce the Immigration Law.*** Something they have not done for a very long time.

    (*** indicates need for very soon.)


    does everyone forget that this country was built with immigrants? like it or not almost everyone in this country can trace their roots to other countries


    Human Being came out of Kenya, Africa, probably. From that point on, there were immigrants and immigrants. One looks at the Immigrant farmers that come and grow crops... one looks at Immigrant Plunderers who come and steal everything they can get their hands on like Gingus Khan.

    But since the time that Immigration Laws went up, and they went up in Mexico before they went up in the United States as it happens, we do things differently, and if you are not invited by the people who own the country, you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Do not do that... ask permission.. it is the new way (130 years old) of doing things.

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    I've never heard of a "anti-immigration activist", did you actually mean "anti-illegal immigration activist"?

    Either way though, the freelance bounty hunter should be charged with impersonation of a federal official, and petty theft.

    Just as the 9 million illegal aliens that are using fraudulent documents should be charged with identity theft/fraud.

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    A prime example of why they need to assimilate rather than keeping themselves insulated from the real world within their culture. They would know the law and their rights (what the guy did was wrong whether they were illegal or legal). The non-assimilationist Hispanic community should take note that they make themselves potential victims.

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    We had groups of hispanic males entering homes and identifying themselves as police officers and ripping off hispanic drugdealers in my cit :)

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    in response to the last answer, because they were victims of a crime there is an amnesty granted to them until the case is over. plus it is up to immigration officers to deal with illegals. why would illegals report anything to cops if they were going to be thrown in jail?

    does everyone forget that this country was built with immigrants? like it or not almost everyone in this country can trace their roots to other countries

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    How many of these "victims" falsely identify themselves to gain access to jobs they have no lawful right to hold, or to receive services from our social programs? Victims go home!!

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    What can one say? This man was a criminal who impersonated a government officer. Unfortunately, he is not the only one. People impersonate cops and other officials as well in order to gain entrance into homes unlawfully. He targeted these people because he probably had been watching the house and them and figured out they were likely illegal aliens and would be intimidated by him. If he would have come to my house I would have not let him in and I would have called 911 because I'm not illegal and would not have anything to fear if he had been legit. They let him in because they feared that they would get in trouble if they didn't.

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    I don't see this as breaking news !!!!! It's all your doing for not better educating your people in your community.We cannot do everything for you. This kinda sums it up-She declined to give her name.-What does this mean-what she said looked like a handgun and a set of handcuffs-what does she mean she thinks it looked like like a handgun and a set of handcuffs-either it is or isn't.Had child services been called, if she cannot tell what a gun and set of handcuffs look like , is she aware of the effects of his face covered in poison ivy, is she aware this requires treatment it or is does she thinks it looks like it might ???

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    criminals committing crimes against other ones who break laws. This guy was guilty of a crime and should be punished and he is. why are the other ones in this story who broke laws not being punished or prosecuted for their crimes.

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