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how do you get an Access database form onto the website?

just built the database, and still learning Microsoft Access at the Intermediate level ...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The actual Access Form is not a web based object and therefore can not publish it directly to the web.

    If you are using Access (pre 2007), then you could convert the Access Form to an Access Page object instead which generates the HTML/script for uploading to the web server.

    The actual Access Page is a separate html file stored outside of the MDB Database Window (it's just a pointer in the Database Window).

    However, caution should be noted here regarding Access Pages! It's not ideal for web publishing as it will require further design alterations (and possibly VBScripting which not all client/server servers support).

    Your best approach is to certainly start by using the Access Page object and then continue using scripts ( - ADODB connection objects etc...). You do however need to know about VB/VBScript/ASP which can be a steep learning curve.

    Finally, for your information, Access is not typically used for web based database applications. Consider MySQL (which is free for single and non-commercial use).

    BTW: Access 2007 (.accdb file formats) no longer support Access Pages!

    Hope this helped!

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