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i'm dating my daughters ex-boyfriend?

My daughters ex was over almost everyday when they were dating. They broke up about a year ago. I got a divorce from my husband when my daughter was really young. Her ex started texting me a month ago and now were dating. Is this wrong?

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    Ask your daughter how she feels about it. Assuming the guy is a legal adult, you're having a fling. Guys aren't the only ones that do that...just realize longevity in this situation is very unlikely and for goodness sakes, use protection.

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    Not only is it hurtful to your daughter to date her ex; just like the unspoken rule that girls don't date their friends ex. But I imagine that you have a large age gap, and it may not be healthy for either of you, I can see maybe a 10 year age gap but nothing more. After 10 years you have a bit of a generational difference and I don't see how it would work out in the end.

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    It depends.

    This has to be causing a lot of drama with you and your daughter. But other than that...

    The only real issue is, how old is this guy? I can't say if it's right or wrong. Love is love. But people are definitely going to perceive it as wrong is he's like 18 and you're 32 or something. And at that point, I would say there's too large of an age gap there for it to be appropriate.

    But if you're daughter was dating an older guy. Say he was 25 and you're 32. Well... maybe not so bad.

    I can't say either way. But it's definitely a complicated situation that people will frown upon.

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    That's not even funny.

    Every single question you have asked has been about the Jonas brothers or MTV. If you are a grown woman with a grown daughter, you seriously need help to grow up. If you are a 13 year old (likely) you are trolling with this question. Go to your room.

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    If u keep on this thing with him, believe me when i tell ur that u daughter will never forgive if she finds out. So u r basically sacrificing ur relationship with ur daughter just for a young guy who mostly will never share a future with u. Be wise and think !

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    Yes you are wrong what kind of **** is that you should never date your daughters ex or friends are you CRAZY

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    Old lady, stop being a child molester and find someone your age. There are pleanty of men your age out there, don't mess up some kids life. I feel sorry for your daughter, I would be so embarrassed.

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    Yeah... that, and your daughter's going to completely resent you for it.

    Do you really want to risk losing your daughter over this?

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    Sounds like the soap opera, sin senos no hay paraiso .

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