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Does an electrical generator transfer energy from a mechanical form to an electrical form?

I'm asking for technical opinions because the company that I pay to get electricity at my house has changed it's name from Nevada Power to NV Energy. I have never bought power or energy from them, just electricity. So I'm curious if it is a commonly accepted thought that electricity is just a carrier of energy that is transferred from another source of energy?

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    We only appreciate energy in two forms: Mechanical and kinetic, Or heat and light. You take an electrical cable and you are not sure if carries electrical energy until it makes the pointer of an AVOmeter move or drive a motor or light a bulb...

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    "Transform" is actually the more accurate term. In an electrical generator (also called a dynamo), mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy. The mechanical energy in turn has been transformed from heat energy and the heat energy was transformed from chemical energy.

    One of the fundamental laws of physics is that no transformation of energy is 100% efficient. This is why there are no real "perpetual motion" machines. Some energy is always lost in another form, most often it is in the form of heat. In a coal fired electrical plant, all the many energy transformations make the overall efficiency about 5%, but this is offset by the tremendous abundance of coal.

    In terms of physics, energy is the potential for doing work. Power is a rate of work per unit time. Power is the rate at which work is accomplished, whereas energy is the amount of total work that can be done.

    I'm afraid you are a victim of marketing. Think of this situation as a rate as well. It is marketing divided by time times the point in time examined.

    You are living when America is becomming very aware of the idea "there will always be more" was nothing but an empty promice. There are finite limits to our resources, and this is why "energy" is a term used these days. Remember, energy is an amount of something, like a tankfull of gas.

    50 years ago however, America had just emerged from WWII as the most powerful nation on earth and basically, the whole world was at its disposal. Nobody could imagine a whole world full of resources could ever be diminished, so people bragged about how much "power" was available. Unlike a tankfull of gas, this is the reading on the car's speedometer. Bigger was better and so was speed and power.

    To make a long story short, it seems the 21st century is when America is finally beginning to grow into a more mature society.

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    The Question u have posted is a very good doubt,Actually The electrical Energy is not readily available in our nature For the purposes to be satisfied by us. So we need to look for alternate means of generation of electricity.As such we go for the generators which accept the mechanical energy mainly in the form of kinetic energy to transform it in to the electrical energy.

    The Power is defined as the Work done per unit time and the Electrical Energy is the product of power and time.So the amount of electricity which we use in our houses is the Electrical energy so energy is defined as the capability to do work.So the machine like the generators which are used for the generation of Energy has to be rated in terms of power, So there is no harm in the company changing its name to energy.

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    Electricity is a secondary form of energy.

    This means the energy has to come from somewhere then it can be converted to electricity.

    It is common nowadays for some companies to produce the energy, hydroelectric, fiscal fuels, atomic…

    And someone else to distribute the electricity.

    Hope this properly answers your question

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    In an electrical generator, mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy through the mediun of a rotating magnetic field.

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