Can I change my driver's license without changing my state of legal residence?

I am visiting another state for an extended period of time, about a year, to take care of a family situation. I need to change my driver's license for a job. I'm not going to change my voter id or anything. Can I just get a temporary license or something? When I go back home next year, I still want to be classified as a resident, but I can't if my driver's license is from another state? Any ever been in this situation?


The job is a driving job. You say get a different job, but, I've always driven commercial vehicles, and it's a good job and I already got in, in this time of unemployment, I just have to change my license...

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    Your drivers license is issued in the state of your permanent residency.

    But I need to ask: What job would require you to have a drivers license in the state the job is in?

    *EDIT* - I still don't know why you need to change your license. My father had a CDL and drove semi's for a living. He drove out of Chicago for a while with a MN license. It was no big deal. I also have an uncle that lives in WI, but drove out of St. Paul with his WI license.

    My only suggestion for you is to talk to the DMV in the state you are in now. They may have a solution that does not require you to change your permanent residence.

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    I am guessing (since you didn't say) that the company you want to drive for requires a license from the State you are now in. Could be an insurance problem. You need to explain why you need a new license for any proper answers here.

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    Change it only if it is a requirement of your job, or a requirement of the state you will be working in. You can have a legal residence in more than one state.

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