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什麼是pay-as-you go pension?


In the early 1990s the government announced a three-pillar scheme along the lines of those in many developed countries: a basic pay-as-you go pension to which both employers and employees make mandatory contributions; funded individual accounts, also with contributions from employers and workers; and individuals’ private savings.


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    pay-as-you-go 這個詞的意思簡單來說是,

     1. [美] 按時付帳單,帳單到期即付

     2. 領到工資即付所得稅

    一些使用上的例子可以參考狗仔隊-使用付費(Pay As You Go) - 2009.01.02

    而用在 pension 上頭,則可稱為隨收隨付制,係為單純地直接將所收取當期的資金付與退休人員當作退休金,其中間無進一步的資產分配、投資及移轉的過程。隨收隨付制的退休所得來源則是來自於稅賦的課徵,今日退休者的退休金由目前工作者負擔,而等到目前工作者退休時,退休金則由下一代工作者負擔。軍公教人員退撫舊制為隨收隨付制。

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    pay-as-you go 類似國民年金制度,按所得扣繳*****

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