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Mountain Biking; what's it like?

Is it comparable to skiing? Do you get hurt a lot? Are there different forms?

I've never been very good at biking, but mountain biking always seemed like a cool summer sport to me

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    There's a lot of different forms... Slopestyle, Dirt Jump, Cross Country, All Mountain, Freeride, Downhill, Enduro Downhill...

    In a lot of ways it is like skiing but it's also very different. I'd say the similarities are mostly in the way it makes you feel... Like a 6AM powder run before anyone else has even touched the slopes... just you and the mountain, the cool mountain air blowing past your face, the sound of the snow crunching under your skiis, interupted only when you get air... It's really just a great feeling.

    As for injuries... it's like any other sport. You can ride your whole life and not take any major injuries but that probably means you arent really taking any chances. It all really depends on the rider... I mean, mountain bikes dont just eject you for you no reason but, if you try to go beyond your abilities, there are definate penalties to be had. The penalty for failure, like in any sport, is based strictly upon what you're trying to do... If you ride XC, you may be looking at some skinned knees and cut up elbows and such but, as long as you have good protective gear like helmet and gloves, nothing major... If you're determined to clear the 60 foot road gap at Bootleg Canyon, well I think you can see the penalty for failure jumps up dramatically.

    Now, all that said... My last three injuries worth mentioning are two broken ribs SNOWBOARDING when I caught an edge on a rail... a torn lateral meniscus while INSTALLING A SERVER AT WORK... and a dislocated right index finger from blowing a 10' drop way too slow and nosing it right into the dirt... it's been a rough '09, lol. Of the three, you would think the mountain biking SOUNDS the most dangerous but the finger was easily the lesser of those three injuries. However, a wise man once said...

    "Danger abounds everywhere we are, the blind pursuit of safety in life serves only to infringe upon our enjoyment of it."

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    1. I am a former road and track racer who has in recent years taken up cross country mountain biking. These days I prefer mountain biking to riding on the road for a few reasons: a. Even though you may more often have minor falls when mountain biking (due to the more technical terrain etc), at least you are not likely to be hit by a car, bus or truck - which can of course result in much more severe injuries. b. Generally speaking, mountain biking can take you to more scenic places. However, I have noticed two slight disadvantages of mountain biking: a. You seem to be very much affected by a lack of fitness - I really feel it if I am climbing up a steep uphill on my mountain bike. b. In the past couple of years my mountain bike has needed more frequent maintenance than my road bikes ever did. The chain and rear cluster seem to wear out a lot quicker than it does on a road bike. 2. Basically, the more you pay, the better your bike will be. So how much you spend should be determined by your own financial situation. At the very least, I would suggest getting a bike with all alloy components. Rear suspension can be good, but remember that it will add weight to your bike and that you will generally have to spend a lot more money to get a "dual suspension" bike that is as light as a "hard-tail".

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    I dont know what I would do without mountain biking. It can beat you up but you keep coming back for more. Grabbing a nice downhill flow or nailing a technical spot for the first time feels amazing. Just give it a try and see what you think. As far as forms there is cross country, down hill and free ride. Cross country is mainly what most do. The downhillers have the heavier bikes and the freeriding usually includes hills or jumps, skinnies etc. Once you start riding you will get familiar with everything and its so addicting!!

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    Mountain bike is way tooooo fun! Usually, there's not much pain involved, sometimes one can fall, but it's actually not that often, but sometimes they add up.

    And yes, there are several categories or disciplines or whatever in mtb. There is XC or cross country, which is pretty much riding over long distances in usually easy trails.

    Trail bikes and All mountain is getting more into the moutain, climbing so you can go down fast.

    Freeride is doing stunts, jumps and usually just trashing around. It's pretty fun but you need some mad skills to do it.

    Downhill is going down pretty much as fast as possible, but the bikes climbing ability mostly suck. Many ski resorts open their trails in the summer for downhill and freeriding stuff. One of the best known is Whistler, which is one of my dream vacations, maybe one day I'll go there, hopefully.

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  • it usually depends on what you like to do-

    it looks like you want to compare it to skiing....

    that is basically like cross country skiing on two wheels with tons of climbs and descents some ski resorts are open in the summer for mountain biking.

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    its not like skiing it works different muscles its pretty fun and ya i have gotten hurt a few times if you decide to go then just don't go over your limit or it will suck take lots of water and if you go remember that you can go as fa as you want but remember that you eventually have to turn around and ride back so f you think you can only go 4 miles turn around after two type thing.

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    lol if you mountian bike dont fall cause it hurts quite a bit but you have to get through the pain and get back on unless of course like me you broke both your arms in the crash then just lie there and dont move but besides that its really cool i suggest ridding on a trail to start of but a easy on and not the road concrete is aot harder then dirt so ya

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    Very Fun

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    it goes better with a BIKE

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    its awsome! i ride DH, like the speed and stuff, its a great all year sport, well here it doesnt get below 0, so here its good all year round...

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