22 cal air gun barrel for use on a 22 cal rifle?

the diamiter of the barrel is 1/2'' and it is a 22 cal rifled steel air gun barrel from my beeman RS2 . i want to use it for this reciver i have. will it do the job?
Update: this barrel has twelve letfhand twist rifle grooves that give the bullet its spin. its also 14''
Update 2: i made a zip gun that shoots 22 shorts and the zip gun has a air soft gun barrel. and the airsoft gun barrel is 5 time thinner than the air gun barrel im talking about. dont believe me about the zip gun? go to my youtube profile ( ihelk ) and see it for your self my air gun barrel is 22 cal (5.5mm)
Update 3: it wouldnt realy be illegal because the stock i have plus the barrel's length is same length as a ruger 10/22
Update 4: basicly what i want to know if the bullet will make it through the barrel or will it get stuck inside it. because if it will get stuck theres no since in wasting my air gun and ill just spend 300$ for a 22 barrel. so this is a money issue im dealing with
Update 5: of corse im going to properly register my firearm afterwards
Update 6: my reciever is semi auto. i dont want bolt action
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