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Hairstyles? Really need some help.?

I have no idea what to do with my hair...and I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I have long hair that hits probably at the middle of my back, no bangs. I have a round face, with full cheeks (as if the round face wasn't bad enough, lol).

I definitely do not want short hair. I really want to keep my length, but I want some sort of style to it. I prefer not to have bangs, but I sort of like the longer side swept bangs, that aren't exactly from the "side". If that makes any sense. The brunette girl that does the new Aveeno Shampoo commercial has the sort of "bangs" that I"m talking about, if that's any help.

Eh, I don't know. I just need some help with a hairstyle, I'm bored with what I have and I feel frumpy. Any input would be great, include pictures if you can.

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    Elegant Hairstyle - Graceful and beautiful hairstyles

    Elegant hairstyles are for those special occasions such as weddings, proms or the red carpet when you really need to look your best. Many elegant hairstyles are updos, but long hair can also be worn down to look sophisticated and elegant if styled properly.




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    Hello I have an idea for you... upload your picture into the website I picked up here and play around with various hair styles, cuts and colors...

    This should give you some ideas and answers...


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