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If a "latino" supreme court justice was so important to democrats why did they block miguel estrada?

in 01' and 03'??? This is according to the very very LIBERAL NYT...

where was all of the POSITIVE media attention for George Bush when he nominated LATINO Miguel Estrada? Liberals, you do realize that GWB had the most ethnically diverse cabinet in H I S T O R Y. Beat that..libbies.


Memos from the Democratic staff of the Judiciary Committee were later unearthed, revealing that they considered Estrada "especially dangerous" -- as stated in a memo by a Sen. Dick Durbin staffer -- because "he is Latino and the White House seems to be grooming him for a Supreme Court appointment."

Democrats are the real racist. EVERYTHING they do is just to look good, they don't care about actually BEING GOOD.

Update 2:

At the time, liberal historian David Garrow predicted that if the Democrats blocked Estrada, they would be "handing Bush a campaign issue to use in the Hispanic community."

Update 3:

THEY DIDN'T WANT GWB TO LOOK GOOD TO THE LATINO COMMUNITY!!!!!!! This is all her "latino" meant to democrats...VOTES.

Update 4:

Steven...I know you've never heard of Estrada..this is my point. James Carville confuses him with that other Hispanic, Alberto Gonzales. On MSNBC they laugh about his obscurity, asking if he was the cop on "CHiPs." They also can't recall the name "Anita Hill." Nor can anyone remember African-American Janice Rogers Brown or what the Democrats did to her.

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    He was a conservative and he was filibustered when appointed to the Court of Appeals in DC and the Dems knew he was being groomed to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

    It is Ok for Dems to attack minorities as long as they are conservative which just proves they do not support them just use them for their own political purpose while espousing their desire to "help" them.

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    Estrada was never nominated for the supreme court. His 2001 nomination by President George W. Bush was to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

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    Because he wasn't a "real" Latino, just like Clarance Thomas isn't a "real" black. Democrats seem to think that minorities should stick to their assigned ethnic roles, rather than thinking for themselves. After all, if everyone is just an individual, and not part of some ethnic group, how will we ever be diverse?

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    I've been wondering the same thing. It's called hypocrisy; and yes, Dems are the real racists.

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    Because the racist one will owe BO a favor.

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    Dog is to puppy as cat is to parking meter.

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