Does Townsend Harris High School have lockers for freshmen?

Im going to be a freshmen at Townsend Harris High School and I was wondering if we will have lockers. Some other questions on Townsend:

- do freshmen have free periods?

-how many hours of hw are there per night?

- are we allowed to go outside onto the streets for lunch?

- how many clubs can we join?

- can we start out own clubs?

remember, im a going to be a FRESHMAN

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    I was a freshman last year lol *your question sounds so naive so I'll help you out*

    Yes, everyone has 2 lockers, one for gym and one for regular books and stuff, but you can only go to your locker at the beginning of the day, before lunch, and at the end of the day.

    The hours of homework depends on how fast. If you procrastinate it can *and definitely will* take more then 5 hours to complete. However, if you follow what everyone has been preaching about *cough TIME MANAGEMENT cough* it will only take maybe about an hour. HOWEVER if you have 3 collaterals *which are long term projects you'll get throught the year* that are due in the same week and you've been procrastinating then you may find yourself having to pull all nighters..

    so what have we learned? llol...seriously...don't procrastinate

    Nope, we're not allowed to go outside onto the streets for lunch at all. This school is pretty strict. :/

    I think the number of clubs you can join is unlimited but since most clubs meet every week you'll find that you won't be able to attend many. For example, science olympiad and the art club both meet on wednesdays so you have to choose one. However science olympiad has another meeting on thursdays as well, but you might have bio lab that day after school till 4. Remember, it's required you join at least one club though.

    I'm not sure if Freshman can start their own club but when you reach the upper grades I'm sure you can. You have to talk to Mr. Stonehill and find a teacher who is willing to stay back each week for your club to meet.

    let's see....

    -Pray that you won't have Ms. Nix for gym, and you have Mr. A. *unless you wanna run 4 miles for gym*

    -Don't carry around any books unless you need them because THHS has a knack for giving you bio *which is on the 6th floor, right after gym *which is on the 1st floor*

    -YOUR PLANNER IS YOUR BIBLE...use it...time management bby~

    - Make sure you're wearing your ID when you walk in the building or the security gaurd is like "WHERE IS YOUR ID??!?!?!!?" freaks me out..

    lol right now I'm going to do community service at my local library, which I suggest you do the same since there is a required 40 hours..and you don't wanna have to worry about that when you're stressing over collaterals..

    THHS is hella hard but once you master time management and good study skills you'll realized THHS opens a whole lot of opportunities to you......*or so they say* >:D

    Source(s): me last year :D lol feel free to email me any more questions at Maybe I'll see you around in the halls :D OH! and since everyone seems to be in the Harry Potter hype check this out
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    Townsend Harris High School

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    do novices have loose sessions? no -what number hours of hw are there per night? relies upon on how lots you study, how lots analyzing you like, how lots you want to prevail, instructors. yet usually, plenty. - are we allowed to bypass exterior onto the streets for lunch? nope. different than senior year. - what number golf equipment can we connect? as many as you like. yet there is purely maximum of you may have the skill to physicaly fit into the schedule. dpn't overdo I. p.c.. a million/2 and ill to them and get sturdy at them . - can we initiate out very own golf equipment? sure.

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    You need to call the school. I doubt someone lives in the same area you do. If I had any questions when I was in high school, I would just call.

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    It's a great question

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