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is there anyway for the Charlotte Bobcats to get Allen Iverson?

i really hope we can get him

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    Sure there is finacially, the Bobcats will likely have to do it by sign and trade with Detroit though. The Bobcats are over the salary cap and probably won't offer any free agent over the mid level exception of $5.6 million. Considering Iverson made 22 million last season, that's quite a drop off.

    If I'm Rod Higgins the thing I consider is this. They have a lot of depth at the backcourt. They drafted Gerald Henderson to back up Raja Bell. D.J. Augustin will backup Raymond Felton.

    Actually acquiring Iverson probabl'y won't be the biggest problem, managing the minutes will.

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    Iverson has said he would sign for the MLE. If talks break down with the Clippers, then it could happen because Miami is going to try to get Boozer and Odom so I think Iverson is out of the picture. Iverson should want to go to Charlotte and play for Larry Brown again. The Bobcats can design their offense around him and no other team can

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    Why would you want the Bobcats to get Iverson? Do you hate that team or something? Iverson isn't nearly as good as he used to be and he needs teammates to be effective. Team play is something Iverson knows absolutely nothing about.

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    There is...but if he was smart he would take that Miami offer and go play in south beach with Wade and B-Eazy..we need another person that can give us 20 a night...and test king james and Shaq for the Conference Bossman...

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    MLE or sign and trade to detroit.

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