Please help, am I anaemic...?


So I'm probably going to get a physical at the doctors soon, but I just wanted to know what you all think. Lately I haven't been able to fall asleep and I have been staying up usually past four in the morning still barely feeling tired and then when I finally go to sleep, I sleep in, but I'm still tired throughout the day. My breathing has also seemed irregular. It's harder for me to breathe when I am laying down. I always feel weak throughout the day and a couple of days ago, I had a really bad headache. Last night when I was in the kitchen I heard something make a weird noise in my ear, and I'm not sure if this is tinnitus but that is one of the symptoms of being anaemic. Lately I have also not been hungry for any dinner and I never finish eating it if I do, but I'm not sure if I have just been snacking a lot or if this is loss in appetite. I have also had back pains these past few days. So do you think I am anaemic, or could this be something else? Please help me, all answers are appreciated!!

I'm not sure if this matters, but I'm 15 years old, 5'6, and probably around 130lbs.

Thankyou so much in advance.

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  • Gracie
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    Obviously you need to see a doctor asap, BUT Yes, it sounds like you're B12 deficient anaemic. It causes exhaustion, sleep irregularities, tinnitus, acid reflux, hairloss, diarrhoea, pins and needles and migraines. I had all your symptons, and more and it turned out I had all 3 types of anaemia, you may well have more than one, (I didn't even know there was more than one-iron)! B9 Folic acid deficiency also causes anaemia.

    Normal levels are as follows

    Iron >15 (iron stores are most important marker)

    B9 folic Acid > 20

    B12 > 900

    Important Note:

    In UK they have lowered the level of B12 deficiency to below 130, (basicaly none!) where as in Japan and other countries anything less than 550 is treated as that is the level where research has discovered that headaches and other symptoms really kick in. (My level was 123).

    I personally don't have the B12 injections because they are coloured with a red radioactive dye (i'm allergic) and have nasty side effects, I buy them myself as I can get higher doses. UK treat with extremely low doses, and so it takes years for levels to come up, if ever! I personally take 1500mg/day (Dr could only give me 50 mg tablets) even then after 12 mths my B12 has only risen to 440. I tried lowering the dose to 1000mg daily, but migraines came back and acid got unbearable. You can't OD on B vits as you just pee excess out (yellow wee) which I don't have so that must be the level I need - you'll have to find your level. Solgar do tiny 500mg capsules, and higher dose losenges.

    It would be important to look at your diet and see why you have become deficient in B12, do you have pernicious anaemia? I have allergies which mean my diet is restricted, how do you eat? Some medications like antacids and Metformin cause B12 deficiency.

    No use worrying, get to the doctor ask them to test for all types of anaemia, insist, some will only do these tests if you're a vegan. (my GP told me I was just depressed … my allergy consultant did the tests, and when he got the results, he said "you don't have to tell me how you're feeling, these results tell me that you must be feeling absolutely awful!"

    Whatever it is, only your doctor can tell you, the sooner you go, the sooner you can start treatment.

    Hope you're feeing better soon.

    Source(s): Personal experience, lots of research.
  • J B
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    If you are not eating healthy meals, then you are going to be tired and feel weak. Your body needs fuel to function. And, dramatically increasing your daily water intake will also help with some of your symptoms. There are over the counter sleep aids which are safe to use and will get you back into a normal sleep pattern. Tylenol or motrin is for headaches and back aches - take some. Anemia is characterized by extreme fatigue and without a blood test, there is no way of knowing if this is a problem. Most females who have periods are anemic always because of the monthly blood loss. Stop snacking of unhealthy things and eat healthy meals and see if all of your symptoms don't go away soon. And, do some sort of exercise each day -walking is easiest - so that you are tired and ready to go to bed each evening.

    Source(s): Health care provider
  • Symptoms of anemia may include the following:



    •shortness of breath


    •palpitations (feeling of the heart racing or beating irregularly)

    •looking pale

    Symptoms of severe anemia may include:

    •chest pain, angina, or heart attack


    •fainting or passing out

    •rapid heart rate

    Some of the signs that may indicate anemia in an individual may include:

    •Change in stool color, including black and tarry stools (sticky and foul smelling), maroon-colored, or visibly bloody stools if the anemia is due to blood loss through the gastrointestinal tract.

    •rapid heart rate

    •low blood pressure

    •rapid breathing

    •pale or cold skin

    •yellow skin called jaundice if anemia is due to red blood cell breakdown

    •heart murmur

    •enlargement of the spleen with certain causes of anemia

  • Anonymous
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    Holly **** !!

    I've been meaning to go to the docs for weeks now and all your symptoms I have.

    I'm about 25 years older than you and a guy, but you just gave me a kick up the **** to get it seen to..

    Anaemic you say ?

    ****, you do realise I will get no more lay ins now :-(

    Source(s): Thanks kid, I will make a docs appointment in the morning. Honestly, thank you x
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    yeah, you could definetly be anaemic.

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