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question to parents with teenage children?

what would u do if you found ur 14 year old son on lesbian pornogrpahy

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    I am not a parent, but I feel you need an opinion from teenagers also.

    Although it's not my thing, many of my male friends have fantasies about being in a room with lesbians. Your child like other children are learning about different stuff and their sexuality. It's a hard time for them because they are changing and they want to be popular with their mates with conversation. They want to know the in's and out's of everything.

    They most likely to fase out of this Obsession with lesbian porn. If you watch American Pie 2, you will understand that it's not weird for men to like lesbian porn.

    Don't tell him or you will put him into depression. Seriously something like that will have a dramatic affect on his life. You got to understand even if you think it's wrong, males nower days 70% off them love porn and a study has conducted that 98% off all males masturbate. You got to think that this is normal behaviour and it is acceptable. It also is said by scientists that it is healthy as it makes you live 15 years longer and lowers the risk of cancer.

    If you think he is too young, which in a way he is you can think about downloading parental filters however these are not fool proof and you can use proxies to bypass them. If you read websites you will find that many males are very embarrassed if their mum catches them masturbating but in every case the mother either says "Clean up when you are done" or "sorry" and walks out the room to let them finish.

    Let it go, and don't worry about it. It is fine.

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    I would worry if my son was not doing stuff like that at age 14.

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    I would take the pornography away. I don't care what kind of porn it is, it's illegal for children to watch and the parent could easily get in a lot of trouble if they knowingly allow their kids to look at stuff like that.

    "Boys will be boys" is not an excuse.

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    I'm not a parent, but I would still like to say that it's normal, he's exploring his sexuality like most or all his friends and boys at his age.

    Source(s): I have a brother and A LOT of cousins.
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    I would'nt be worried as it is a natural part of life.

    ignore most people who think its wrong, hey come on! we've all been through puberty and what it does to you.

    Just act normal, dont look at him in a different way as he will suspect something, and hed probably start getting upset and worried.

    Trust me....

    Source(s): im 14
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    Tell him to wipe up when done and clean the key board.

    Seriously he's 14 and there are much worse things he can be doing then masturbating (and much worse things to look at while doing it).

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    Hmm, I'm not a parent but If I was, I wouldn't tell them It's completely normal, becuz it is.

    And I would encourage them not to watch pornography as it isn't realistic to actually making love.

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    im not a parent

    but my mom told me that she wouldnt care if i was to touch myself

    in any kinds of ways but she said its not okay to have sex. im 14 by the way. but teenagers do it all the time and would you rather have him having sex or masturbating to porn ? i think i already know the answer to that.

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    He's just exploring his sexuality.

    However, if it's on the internet I would speak to the provider and see about parental control.

    At the very least, you know he's straight. :D

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    Leave him alone and put lotion in his room. He is going to do it no matter what. No need in wasting your energy caring about it.


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