How to heal a rug burn?

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i have on i think from a cars set lastnight, how can i get it to heal?
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Time and neosporin/aloe vera gel.

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thanks for that help
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  • Dr. Drake answered 5 years ago
    You never want to expose rug burns, or any other 1st degree burns for that matter, to continuous moisture. Although, you can cool it using water for no longer than 2 minutes. DRY IT IMMEDIATELY. Apply Aloe Vera lotion or any other lotion. Avoid touching, as it may agitate the burn.
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  • boo answered 5 years ago
    Ice, and the green Aloe stuff.
    Other than that, time heals everything :)
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  • GsexyBrat answered 5 years ago
    Ouch! I used to get those all the time. You can use A&E ointment! The same stuff you would use after getting a tattoo! It helps a lot especially with the burning! Good Luck :-)
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