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We rented a house In Maryland with no air?

We rented a beautiful house on the Maryland shore but there's window units in the bed rooms only . there's no air conditiner whatsoever ever Everwhere else. only heat.

It reached 86 degrees in this house....... Today

I mean what do we do we want to be ableto rent the house for 3 years but we don't wanna complain alot

they left us with no warm water....

Everything is run by gas

the plumbing guy said the house was a health hazard.,,, the flute wasn't atrachted and if we would and to light a match the house would go boom.

What do we do???

I mean the only air we can put in is window units but I mean come on???

No AC 86 degrees in a house then no hot water and a Waltham hazard?

We moved in already and the move was a pain

what do we do and what can we do

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You saw the window units before you moved in, and you knew there was no central air. It is up to you to check out the house before you agree to take it, before you pay a deposit, and before you sign a lease. A house renter, unlike an apartment renter, is responsible for all maintenance and repairs during tenancy. If you wanted something done, the time to negotiate and get it done was before you signed the lease or else get "Landlord's Work" written into the lease with deadlines for completion prior to move in.

    House renters are also responsible for ALL utilities and services: trash, water, sewer, electric, gas, cable, phone, internet, etc. And responsible for all maintenance inside & out. So you mow lawn, wash windows and clean gutters as needed.

    You want more AC units? Buy and install them. Those you purchase yourself you can take with you when you go. Call the gas company and arrange furnace & water heater inspection, cleaning and turn on.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe if you use proper grammar and complete sentences you'll get some answers--just a thought though.

    You should have checked this place out first!! Is this a shore house for summers or for year around? Either way, this is YOUR fault. If you weren't able to check it out beforehand then you should ask questions.... Personally, I think it makes common sense to check out everything BEFORE you move in... but hey, some people just don't have common sense :)

    Contact whoever your renting from... it's common to "complain" when there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Although, I really don't see how it's anyones fault but your own that they only have window units. This will teach you a nice lesson of asking questions BEFOREHAND (key word: beforehand) and checking out the place BEFOREHAND (again key word: beforehand)!!!

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  • 3 years ago

    have been given information for ya kiddo. Utilities selection from one place to the subsequent for dozens of motives. Your basically desire to get a stable estimate would be to communicate to house vendors interior the area you decide directly to purchase with comparable sized properties. in case you do no longer experience soft doing that ask your realtor to verify into it-they have connections that could get you type of the comparable estimates.

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