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Why is it people are automatically terrified of a PitBull but think a barking, snarling, snapping...?

hair standing on end Min Pin is "aww how cute" ? We have two pitbulls, and have had them for years, everyone who walks through the neighborhood seems to be terrified of them, they have never bitten or intimidated a person, but the min pin we now have will runs out after people barking, snarling and snapping...and they look at her and say things like "aww she's so cute.", but when 1 of our pits comes out to say hi, and get petted the look like they are going to crap their pants?


The state where I live, PitBulls are not automatically deemed "dangerous" just because they are pit bulls.

There is a dangerous dog registry that requires an owner to register and pay extra for owning a dog that has been deemed dangerous due to it's behavior and there are OTHER breeds listed, additionally it's not the dog that is dangerous it is the irresponsible owners and breeders that have done so much damage to the breed's name.

My point was that my Pits that have never hurt anyone or anything are being labeled as "Vicious" and "Dangerous", but my mean@ss min pin is considered "cute" when she is acting in an agressive manner.

Update 2:

No Becky unfortunately, I am not. The little one is the hatefulest little thing you ever saw, and I guess because she is small that people are not intimidated by her, but she would be the one to bite someone, not the 80 + lb pit babies.

Update 3:

Min Pins "harmless"...psssshhhhhhh ever been bitten by a min pin...dang things have teeth like razors.

Update 4:

Thanks for all of your answers. I am having difficulty choosing a best answer, so many were great. I am putting it to a vote.

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    Because people are sheep. They believe what they hear and are told without question. They don't think on their own, don't like to think on their own because it takes too much effort. Look around at how they all follow the herd - in what they wear, what they drive, etc.

    Breed bans are being overturned at a rapid rate now because there is proof that they don't work. Breed Specific Legislation is being shot down in cities and counties across America (and the world) in place of Dangerous Dog Laws that aren't breed specific but ask for accountability. This means our neighbors who didn't bother to train or socialize their labs and keep them in the backyard 24/7 will be accountable when they get out and bite another child (this has happened repeatedly, we're on three kids now and they keep getting the dogs back because they are labs). This fixes stupid. Because stupid isn't going to want to get another dog when these are put down since they will once again be held accountable for not training, socializing their dogs.

    Our dogs have won over the neighborhood. We're extremely conscious when we walk them. We pull them onto the grass and get them in a sit stay for people to pass. Most of the time, we at least get a "what a good dog!". Half the time, they stop to pet them and ask questions. We are able to educate. They are excited the next time they see them. As a responsible owner of a large breed dog, this is what we should be doing regardless of breed to show people that big dogs are not something to be afraid of.

    I don't let our dogs greet small dogs even though they are both dog social. I will cross the street to avoid them. My dogs have been bitten one too many times by those little unsocialized freaks. There are very few that I allow my dogs to say 'hi'. Only the select few who have good owners, who are well behaved thanks to their good owners, enjoy the pleasure of my dogs company!

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    It is more than just Pits that suffer this, although I would agree they suffer the most. I have GSDs and a Lab. I was walking one of my GSDs with a friend who was walking my Lab. People stopped to see the Lab and were petting him. Meanwhile the GSD was in a heel sit, just sitting there looking around. He didn't seek attention or growl or even move. The man warned his wife not to get too close to him. WTF?

    It has a lot to do with the size though. People are afraid of larger dogs for their sheer size, regardless of breed. Pits have it twice as bad because they are large and have a bad rep.

    I can understand being afraid of a large dog and not a small. While small dogs can still inflict damage, large breeds can do much more.

    There is no doubt that many smaller breeds bite alot more than reported, it is just the damage is not as severe, so it is not reported as often.

    Oh, and the other reason, because of owners like this...the other night a pitbull was loose and attacked a cat, then tried to turn on some children. The owner came and took the dog home. The SPCA wouldn't come out until the next morning because the dog was now home and it wasn't an emergency. A few minutes later, the same dog ripped apart a cat in front of some children. It wasn't even the first call on the dog.

    Before you judge the dog (or assume I am blaming the dog) I do know the owner was one of "those" pitbull owners. You know, the status of the vicious dog owner. Yes, the dog attacked, but he was 1. allowed out several times and 2. no doubt raised in a way that would cause any dog to be vicious ( I do know him personally).

    But people don't see that. They see the "breed" that killed a cat.

    ETA- People tolerate way more bad behavior from little dogs. A little dog bark is easy to laugh off as a dog being bossy, which people think is cute. Aw, the little dog thinks he is tough. Many many dog fights are started by little dogs. When the big dog fights back, it is always the big dogs fault.

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    Where the heck do you live that people think a snarling little snitt is cute while a friendly pit is demon spawn? Perhaps you're overstating just a tad? But I do get your point....people who don't know better see the latest headlines flashing through their heads when the see a pit bull. Even an apparently friendly dog is still physically capable of tearing their hand off. Not so with the min pin and other 'cutesie' dogs that get away with horrible temperament. So, it's up to you / us to help change their minds. Take the time to ask them, despite their fear, if they'd like to pet your dogs. Spend a few minutes informing them of the true nature of the breed, pointing out that most pits are wonderful with people and that those 'headlines' are the exception, not the rule.

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    Because people in general are dumb as rocks! They think a little dog can not inflict a serious bite on someone they are crazy. For the most part people just believe what they are told and not have the smarts to investigate the matter. I had a Pit for 12 years. He was the most awesome dog with my son and I also kept him with me at work. I owned a cage free grooming facility at the time. He never hurt anyone of those babies(my clients). His best friend was my 4 lb Yorkie. He adored her. It is all in how you raise a dog and most people are just dumb when it comes to that. I work at a kennel now and we board many a Pit Bulls. And most are big sweetie pies. Same is true for Rotties, Dobies, GSD and the such. People are sooo scared of my Rottie and when he snuggles up to them and start to give them smooches, then they change their mind. And also some Pitts can look quite menacing. One more thing. The most decorated officer in world war II was a pit bull. Look it up. He saved a many a man in his day!

    There are no bad dogs, just bad owners!!`

    Source(s): Lori pet groomer for 17 years
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    Well, to be honest they're known to be "vicious" dogs that is pretty much why. I'm really scared of pit bulls I never thought about them in a bad way until I started hearing in the news how there were many cases where they would bite people. Also my dad read many articles about pitbulls being vicious and he decided he really does not like the dogs. He won't even take our dogs to a dog fair that gives exams to dogs because people take pitbulls so we go somewhere where we spend double. read about pitbulls on wikipedia and they mention about their vicious bites and incidents and when you look up a chihuahua all you find are facts about them. Maybe they are good dogs but because of what I have seen on TV and things I have heard I fear them.

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    I also own a Pitbull (by the way, named Princess), and I have seen this also. I think it is due to the wonderful media... you'll see that most of the bad stories are at the top of the headlines. I think that it is also because people don't give them a chance. Some people have been scared of "pitbulls", but have given my dog and chance, gotten to know her, and are no longer scared of them. I think that most of the people who bad-talk pitbulls are the ones that have never spent much time with the breed. I know many pitbulls, and all of them are the most loyal and loving dogs that I know. It's the bad owners that give our special friends such a bad name. Pitbulls are very loyal and want to please their owners at no cost. If they are coaxed into fighting, they want to please their owners and do what they are asked. I am so glad that there are people like you out there who agree that these loyal and loving dogs deserve a chance... thank you!

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    People associate little with cute, and pit bull with terrifying. Personally I think most little dogs are kinda dangerous. But pit bulls are beautiful, amazing dogs. Very loyal and loving, my brother had one when he was 2 and that dog would let him do anything to him! He poked him in the eye, pulled on personal areas, only til we noticed of course, but still. The dog was amazing and protected my baby brother from anyone who warranted it.

    Source(s): The word "Pitt" should not be associated with "aggressive".
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    A pitbull attacked my neighbors horse in a pipe stall where it ripped out the meat above the hock. When the horse went into shock and went down, it chewed off both ears, part of it's tongue and 1 of it's eyes before it was caught. The horse was euthanized. The pitt was hidden by it owners.

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    Maybe if they did bark, they would crap their pants.

    Sadly, people are un-educated about Pitts, and other large dogs. As for the little dogs which are often more aggressive, there is little fear that they can do much damage. All you can do is try to educate those that don't have a clue.

    Best of luck,


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    our society today is just a little bit my mom had a pit befor i was born and several after that i had her until i was eleven and she passed of old age never once in the time my dad brought him home in his t shirt pocket did we ever even see a snarl out of her or any of the others (which at one time we did have five in the house and they did not show agression to people or each other!!!)

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