Could I get into a decent Medical School?

Hi, I am going to be a sophomore in High School next year and I want to know what my chances of getting into medical school are. I know it's a bit early to decide what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, but I have always wanted to be a doctor.

Okay, so here's more about me:

I'm 15, residing in New Jersey.

I have a 4.4 GPA (I have taken advances courses that weigh in a higher GPA)

I have a straight A or A+ average in all my high school courses.

Next year I'm taking 2 AP classes (Physics and Calculus) and 4 Honors classes (Spanish, History, English, and Chemistry).

I am extremely hard working and willing to do ANYTHING to get into a decent medical school.

I am going to get volunteer hours in the field of medicine in the upcoming years.

I am currently in the top 1% in my high school class (either 1st or 2nd, not sure)

I want to get a decent scholarship into a medical school as well (don't want too much debt).

I know it's very early to judge whether or not I can get in, but any help/guidance would be much appreciated.

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    I will suggest that you apply to a 7-year program that you can get a bachelors/MD. There are many schools that offer such programs and if you keep your gpa the way it is and volunteer and have extracurricular activities, and of course a great personal statement...i don't see why you would not get into one of these 7 year programs.

    Here are programs as compiled by counselors... combined college/MD programs (by state)

    AL: University of Alabama, Univ. of S. Alabama

    CA: UC Riverside, UCLA, UCSD, USC

    CT: UConn

    DC: George Washington University, Howard University

    FL: U Florida, U Miami

    IL: Finch/Chicago/IIT, Northwestern, U Illinois at Chicago;

    MA: Boston U

    MI: Michigan State

    MO: U Missouri (Columbia and Kansas City)

    NJ: Univ of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, accepts from Rutgers and The College of New Jersey

    NY: Brooklyn College/SUNY Downstate, NYU, Niagara University, Rennselaer, Siena College, CUNY, SUNY StonyBrook, SUNY Upstate, Union College, U Rochester

    OH: Case Western Reserve, Northeastern Ohio Universities, Ohio State, U Cincinnati

    PA: Lehigh, Penn State

    RI: Brown

    TN: E Tenn State, Fisk

    TX: Rice, Texas A&M

    VA: E Virginia Med School, Virginia Commonwealth

    WI: U Wisc

    7-year med (some partnerships with two schools)

    Boston U

    Brown U

    Case Western Reserve U

    The College of New Jersey with UMDNJ

    Creighton U

    Drexel U

    East Tennessee State U

    Fisk U with Meharry Medical College

    Gannon U with Medical College of Penn

    George Washington U

    Hahnemann U with Medical College of Penn - 6 year program

    Howard U

    Illinois Institute of Technology with Chicago Medical School

    Johns Hopkins U

    Lehigh U with Drexel University College of Medicine

    Louisiana State U - New Orleans and Shreveport

    Miami U (FL) - 6 and 7 year programs

    Michigan State U

    Missouri U - Columbia and Kansas City

    New York U

    Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine - 6 year program

    Northwestern U

    Ohio State U

    Old Dominion U with Eastern Virginia Medical School

    Penn Sate U with Jefferson Medical

    Rensselaer with Albany Medical College - 6 year program

    Rice U with Baylor College of Medicine

    Rochester U

    Rutgers U with UMDNJ

    Siena College with Albany Medical College

    Sophie Davis School with CUNY

    SUNY - Brooklyn College and Stonybrook

    Tulane U

    U California Riverside and U Southern California with UCLA

    U of Alabama

    U of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

    U of Pittsburgh

    U of S. Alabama

    Union College with Albany Medical College

    Villanova U with Medical College of Penn

    Virginia Commonwealth U - Richmond

    Washington U - St. Louis

    Wisconsin U - Madison

    Good luck!!

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    YES! YES YOU CAN GET INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL. A question you may ask as a follow up is will the medical school I chose be best for me, my goals and can I contribute to the school as both a student and then an alumni? Further, ask your self what is it about medicine that excites me and does the school s environment assist with fueling my likes and will those likes assist the school achieve its Mission, Goals and Objectives.

    Knowing the answer or learning the answers before you choose, you simply cannot make a mistake. Good luck, Dr.

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    you would need to keep those sorts of grades in college to be a competitive applicant for med school. however, there are combined bs/md programs available to high school students who are qualified and who can show that they really know that medicine is what they want to do. this means you should have tons of hours doing volunteer work in a hospital or something that shows your interest in medicine directly. you can apply to these programs along with regular college applications, and if you get accepted, you will be guaranteed a spot in a certain school's medical school as long as you maintain a certain gpa and complete the required coursework. brown, northwestern, stony brook, rice/baylor have these programs, to name a few. there are more, so look into them. i think taking more AP classes and getting still A+s in them would make you a strong applicant for these.

  • eri
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    You need a 4-year college degree to apply to medical school. Med schools are only interested in your college grades and activities, not high school. For now, all you need to worry about is getting into a good college - you can take the premed courses (not a major) almost anywhere.

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  • Dave
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    Medical schools do not care what grades you made in high school. They only look at undergraduate GPA, MCAT scores, recommendation letters, etc. For now, just worry about getting in to a good 4 year university.

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    yea you got to relax

    you need to have an undergraduate degree and med schools don't look at high school stats

    ask the ? again in 4 years

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    Every time I submit a question, even if it is the simplest one, they can't offer me a good informed answer on this website. What happened to people who actually take the time to answer??

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    I also have the same question

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