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I Need CT Renters Legal Advice PLEASE!!!?

Im currently being evicted by my landlord for non payment of rent. We had a family hardship so this i dont dispute. However Ive been on him about repairs since the day we moved in 8/08. I was able to find a local agency willing to offer assistance with the rent provided i get documentation from my landlord. He refused and then served me with eviction papers.

On the summons compaint out of like 15 counts. Only 2 are acurate and undisputed. 1. that we didnt pay for 6/09 and 2. that we stayed threw the notice to quit date.

The rest of the counts are complete and total outright LIES. I filed my appearance and recieved the answer form in the mail today. It has somthing called a Military service affidavit Attached to it. Stating the my landlord "jane doe" ( there is no jane doe) And myself had a convestaion where we both stated we were not in the military. *Im not but i still never had this conversation with him*

Between this and the issues with the apt itself. This man is REALLY putting me threw the ringer. I also suffer from a mental disability and this added stress is NOT HELPING. Is there anything that i can do to defend myself against these lies. And is there anything i should/can counter sue for.

PS i cant afford a lawyer so ill be doing this on my own.


In response.

I dont want to stay here.. Its obvious that as you stated hes not going to fix anything. And yes he does have grounds and yes he is a liar..

Yet i feel i should have the right to defend myself against these lies.

But also and most important I need to be granted by the court time to find a new place. As i stated we had a family hardship so moneys pretty tight right now. And we will need time to get up the new deposit as its obvious we wont be getting ours from him.

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  • Sage
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    1 decade ago
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    Well do you know why he was lying about you in the first place?

    He shouldn't have made anything up about you, it is not ethical.

    Legally, since he is landlord, he should have made the repairs in the house. You can refuse to pay rent just because of that until he fixes it. It doesn't seem like this was the case (the hardship you've mentioned.)

    Renters actually have more rights than landlords in cases like these.

    Just tell the court that you wanted the repairs made, so you decided not to pay rent until he fixed them. Tell them that he refused, so you didn't pay.

    Good Luck! xx

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok, lets get this straight

    1. The place is in need of repair and the landlord won't fix it.

    2. The landlord is a liar.

    3. The landlord does have a legal reason to have you evicted.

    Then why do you want to stay there?

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  • natty
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    3 years ago

    acquire the valuables administration! they could desire to have advised you proper to the sale of the valuables whilst they placed it up for public sale! they could desire to offer you a undeniable length of time to bypass! it somewhat is in a fashion criminal for them to sell the area, yet unethical to no longer supply you with a warning in improve, extremely once you have signed a hire! acquire an lawyer, and if the hot proprietor comes knocking on your door, teach him the hire you signed. If he's a respectable guy, he will provide you sufficient time to locate yet another place to stay. additionally, in case you paid the valuables administration people first and final months lease plus a cleansing fee, ask for a number of that funds back, OR tell them you will take them to courtroom!!! Stand your floor, and don't permit those people intimidate you! sturdy success on finding a yet another place, that's an inconvenience for you and your loved ones, and extremely unnecesary! Sock it to them! in my opinion, i can cause them to pay for the shifting van too!

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