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Gasp! I'm Getting Braces!?

Wah! Okay so I recently found out I'm doomed- I mean destined for braces. I have a LOT of questions and really need some advice!

I only have a few teeth with problems,so I'd like to hear from people with the same.

What are all the food restrictions,care maintenance and kissing restrictions?

And another biggie: what color should I get? I am quite pale with brown eyes,freckles and long brown hair.

All advice is appreciated!

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    I have braces right now, getting them off in two months i think (YAY!)

    As for food restrictions, its really gross after you eat a hamburger, hot dog or wrap because of the bun/wrap gets stuck in all the little crevices and it looks disgusting having white goo stick out of your braces. Also, toffee is a no no. It'll pull the brackets right off your teeth. But you can eat bascically everything you normally would only in smaller bites. Gum is fine too.

    The care maintenance: it's really, really important to brush when you have braces. They give you this skinny little tooth brush that fits between the brackets to get out food and plaque. You also have to brush higher, more in the gum region to make sure theres no plaque build up. The biggest problem is that people usually end up brushing the braces and not their teeth...

    If you don't brush your teeth, when you get the braces off there will be irreversible scaring and staining that will just get worse after time.

    For color I would suggest clear elastics (they go around the brackets), thats what i have. It looks alot better in pictures and make them not very noticeable. If you do opt for the clear elastics, stasy away from curry... it will turn them green. Also, going with the color black makes your teeth hella white. So thats another option.

    And last but not least, there are NO kissing restrictions, so go at it! :)

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    If you have a lot of questions, I have a lot of answers. I just recently got my braces off and now just have to wear retainers. Basically there are no restrictions if you mean things that will actually damage your braces, although your dentist will tell you that everything edible is not allowed. I would wear the wax that they give you until the braces don't rub anymore. The only food that have ever broken a band for me was Doritos and it happened multiple times. As for the color, it doesn't really matter so just see how you like some and remember that if you don't like them, the band colors get changed every couple weeks anyways.

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    hi! well I'm getting braces too next week and I have my spacers in already. when you get your spacers(which you may or may not) it will feel strange at first. the next day your teeth may become sore. you can still et normal foods but I suggest you stick with the soft foods because it does hurt. if it hurts drink lote of hot drinks. it will feel better.

    when you get your braces don't eat hard stuff, sticky/chewy stuff and sugary stuff. but chew some sugar free gum even if your doctoe doesn't approve. my friend does and she says it makes your teeth feel alot better. you don't have to if you don't want to. for the care here's a website that gives you info. just click patient care video. the current website tells you about spacers.

    the kissing thing, i have no idea, but if I were you, I wouldn't go too far.

    colors. I was planning on getting dark and light blue. wel I am asian. you can get whatever you think will look best on you. I think you would like pink and light purple.

    HIH!!good luck!

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  • 3 years ago

    i've got had braces for some months now, and that they don't seem to be too undesirable. once you first have them placed on, it fairly is not any undertaking. It merely feels somewhat ordinary having some metallic stuff throughout your tooth. yet once you awaken the subsequent morning, you start to experience them pulling on your tooth. the tooth are fairly sore for some days, (no longer agonizing, merely tender) and it fairly is terrific to adhere to tender meals because it fairly is going to break to devour something too difficult. After some days, the soreness is going and you start to get used to the sensation of having a brace, then you definitely can devour normally lower back. do no longer difficulty, it fairly is all well worth it for ideal tooth :D

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    Food Restrictions:

    -Hard Candy [Now and Laters, Jolly Rancher..]

    -Really chewy candy



    -All food has to be off the bone [chicken]

    Care Maintenance:

    -Clean your braces by brushing and sometimes food gets stuck in brackets and cannot come off unless if you floss or use tootchpicks.

    Kissing Restrictions:

    IDK, i never asked the orthadontist.

    But i heard braces can lock if 2 make out or something.

    I dont know


    Well, I would go with either

    -Baby Blue

    -Dark Green



    Or a mixture.

    Source(s): Personal. Experience.
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    I had braces for like a year. I didn't get to choose a colour so you're on your own there. As for food... Sorry to say but for a few days after they're put on your teeth will probably hurt like hell. So stick to soft foods.

    And for the love of god don't eat chewy sweets. Wine gums wrench those suckers right off.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    ive had braces for a couple months now and its not that bad. you cant chew any gum that you blow bubbles with (like hubbabubba) but still be carefull because it might get stuck, but you can allways get it out when you brush your teeth. you cant chew on ice, and you cant eat pizza crust. those are most of the big ones. its not that hard to maintain them either. your dentist or orthodontist should give you a "wire brush" (which sounds painfull but isnt). you use the wire brush to clean in between your braces. and (thankfully) their are no kissing restrictions (that i know of). and for colors, i would just get plain silver.

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    For me kissing sucked while wearing braces, it felt unnatural.

    You can eventually eat anything once you know how to without damaging your braces (basically having your back molars do the work).

    Buy a "water pick", it helps a lot in cleaning.

    Color would be a very personal decision, I chose white

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  • 1 decade ago

    braces are not that bad but the first time you get them they hurt very bad and when you get them tightend

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