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How big is the g-force when a commercial airplane rises?

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    The largest G force you will feel will be the plane accelerating, pushing you back in your seat a bit, just as you would in a rapidly accelerating car.

    The vertical G forces are not really noticeable during takeoff.

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    It's very small, only a fraction of 1 G. Not much different from an elevator. Commercial airliners are deliberately flown to minimize accelerations, in order to maximize passenger comfort.

    For example, an aircraft that leaves the runway and achieves a rate of climb of 6000 fpm in ten seconds (which is pretty impressive for a large commercial transport) still only pulls +0.3 Gs. In constrast, a top fuel dragster will pull 6.0 Gs horizontally as it accelerates from the starting line.

    If the rate of climb or descent is not changing, there are no vertical G forces (beyond the constant 1.0 G of normal gravity).

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    You will only experience 1g in a steady (constant rate) climb or descent.

    You will experience more than 1g when the climb is initiated (rate of climb is accelerating). The amount of g-force you experience will depend on how quickly the climb is entered. The quicker the climb (more rapid acceleration) the more g's.

    When initiating a descent, you will experience a negative g force again depending on the rate the descent is started the g force will vary.

    On most commercial flights you will experience less than 2 g's.

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    On all commercial airlines no more than 1g, sometimes on takeoff, it rises to 1.5g (not any higher).

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