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This is my fiancee's case. He is 19 years old. On march 24 of 2009 he bought a Mustang from Ford. They required a deposit of $1500.00 but he didn't have it at the time so they offered to hold onto a post dated check for 30 days and would NOT deposit it before without permission. They deposited it April 2 of 2009 without his permission and then called and said they could take care of the fees. We had to drive to SLC and speak to the Ken Garff Ford's finance guy to get the money and finally did after 2 days of showing the evidence.

They also used the insurance out of my Ford Focus in my Dad's name and used it for the Mustang so he could drive it off the lot. They asked for my car insurance and said it'd work. So they used it Infraudulantly.

So the car was financed before he was even ready to get the money for the deposit and before he had insurance.

He ended up having it repoed before 30 days because he couldn't handle the car payment and insurance in his name on the car and all his other bills.

(The car payment would not have began until May 8th)

So, Cross Check called because they said we had to pay them the $1500 because they loaned the money to Ford so they could have it financed. so we paid.

Now The Credit Union is saying we have to pay them the $1500 plus other fees adding up to over $5,000 because they did the loan.

He has to go to court now against the credit union because of all of this.

The Breakdown!

They used insurance infraudulantly

They financed the car before the 30 days promised

They deposited the check before the 30 days (promised) was up

We paid the deposit of $1500 to the Cross Check

So why are we having to deal with court from the credit union.

Shouldn't they be going after Ford because we paid them the $1500 they required!


I actually have all the documents stating everything they did illegal. and they did do something illegal because they used insurance from another car and put it on his car so he could take it. We did not approve them using it, they just asked for any insurance we had and they copied it. i told them that insurance is for my dad's car and he was like it'll be fine until you can find your own. That right there is illegal.

And we have the paper saying they wouldn't deposit it for 30 days Signed by them

and they took the check and told us to date it March 24, i believe, and deposited it April 2nd.

Cross Check or Ford was the one who was supposed to give the credit union the $1500 but never and I have all of that proof.

We kept every single document and have everything on file

Update 2:

And I have the proof that we paid them their $1500 like promised.

Ford did do a lot of illegal stuff

and I CAN prove it

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    Ford Didn't take out a loan on a car they couldn't afford, your Fiance Did...

    Sounds like Ford is guilty of scuzzy high pressure sales tactics and they took advantage of your Fiance but didn't do anything illegal (that you cna prove any way)

    How did they deposit a check dated for the end of april on april second? Did he put the date from march on the check and they just had a verbal agreement not to cash it?

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