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In this matchup of Texas NBA teams.vs.Florida NBA teams who would win?

Team Texas

G Tony Parker

G Tracy McGrady

F Dirk Nowitzki

F Tim Duncan

C Yao Ming


G Jason Kidd

G Jason Terry

F Shane Battier

Team California

G Jameer Nelson

G Dwayne Wade

F Vince Carter

F Rashard Lewis

C Dwight Howard


G Mario Chalmers

F Michael Beasley

F/C Jermaine O'Neal

Which team would win a 7 game series?

BQ(optional) and I dont ask about users very often but: Did you hear about Brother J whos one of the better users and #5 answerer in this section retiring and leaving?


and I meant team Florida not California

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    By Jamar

    INTRIGUING QUESTION. Yo KONJ whats up u from Brick City? im going there today .Hope i see u there.

    anyway , In my opinion Team Florida would win this 7 game series.Hear me out

    .You have the best player of both teams(Dwyane Wade) on team Florida

    And You have D Howard who we all saw vs Cleveland.

    Team Florida's bench is not as better as the Texas bench but

    Florida's lineup is very deep.And has all the depth of a seven game series.I am going with Florida in 6 or 5.The reason i sbecause it has better DEFENSE, AND OFFENSE.The best 3 point shooter(Rashard Lewis) of both teams.(Not the best in the league however!) and the DPOTY(Dwight Howard) .All on one team.

    BQ(yes i heared a rumor that he is retiring.He was a good answere.But i think that he might come back and say his farewell adress.

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    Wow this is a tough one. When 100% healthy though i would go with team Texas. Tony is one of the best pgs and one of the hardest to guard,tmac when healthy is a beast,dirk will shoot over anyone on team florida (except dwight,) Duncan when completely healthy is probably the best PF in the game (him or garnett,maybe dirk), and yao is one of the few centers tht can hold his own against howard(when healthy.) Also texas has a better bench with arguably best passer kidd,6th man material terry and the best defensive player in shane. The bench of flo. is way too weak.

    BQ:Really?Honestly i didnt. Why would he leave though.....he'll be missed.

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    Texas in 4

  • ROFL Team Florida has NOTHING on Team Texas, and to the idiot that said Dirk can shoot on anyone except Dwight, He CAN SHOOT OVER ANYONE IN THE LEAGUE, INCLUDING DWIGHT HOWARD. No one is attacking that rim from Team Florida when you got Yao, Duncan, and Nowitzki on the frontcourt, just play the allstar game in NBA Live and put Nowitzki at SF, that team is unstoppable, I always blow out the Eastern team on Superstar.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Team Texas have a chance to beat Team USA!

    Also dont forget about Ginobili as Texas' sixth man! and Marion and Richard Jefferson just arrived in Dallas and San Antonio.!

  • 1 decade ago

    team one would win 5 of 7 games

  • 1 decade ago

    I think team Texas would win. Dirk, Duncan, and a healthy Yao would dominate that lineup.

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    Team Texas In 6

    BQ Yes I Heard about that

    I have Just Asked A Question about him answer it

    I Will miss this guy

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    i think that the bench would make the difference for the Texas team to win. That is a very,very awesome match-up.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    team texas would win, they got more experience and can keep a cool head, and i would say their bench is better, team florida i would say is more talented but i just think team texas would pull it out in a series

    bq: just really came here yesterday so i cant comment

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