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Friend's epidural was turned off while giving birth w/o her permission. Should they sue?

I have a friend that just had a baby. She was induced at 7:00 a.m. and was in labor for 16 hours. The nurse kept telling her that the baby was not tolerating labor very well and that the doctor was contemplating a C-section. At 20 til 8:00 p.m. the doctor came in and checked her and said "ok lets push" He left and the nurse helped her push for an hour. At the end of that hour the baby still hadn't crowned. The doctor came in again and saw that the labor wasn't going anywhere. My friend's partner said "She can't push anymore she's too tired. Is there anything we can do to help her?" The doctor said "yeah we can use a vacuum." The partner asked "how long will it take to get the baby out using that?" The doctor said "only a few minutes." The doctor went and got the vacuum and attached it and my friend continued to push. The doctor tried twice to pull the baby out with the vacuum and twice it popped off the baby's head. The doctor then told the couple that he couldn't use the vacuum again. Another hour passed of pushing and still the baby hadn't crowned. After another half hour the doctor asked the couple if they had ever met his partner doctor and said that he knew how to use forceps and that they needed him to see if that was an option. Another 20 minutes and the new doctor came in and checked the girl out. He said "yeah" In the meantime the girl had been feeling contractions (she had an epidural) for awhile and kept saying "it hurts. I can feel it." The nurses and doctor just told her to stop talking and crying and screaming and push. Finally the new doctor brought in the forceps and placed them around the baby and started to pull. My friend started to cry saying that it hurt. Finally a anesthesiologist came in and dosed her as the doctor was pulling the baby out of her. The forceps caused a 3 inch tear from the inside out and by the end of the whole deal there was 8 or 9 people in the room trying to put my friend back together and they almost had to take her to surgery to repair the damage. Later they found out that the girl's epidural had been turned off an hour before the baby was ripped out of her and she was never told about any of it. Should she sue the hospital for failure to inform and the doctor for all of the damage he caused? The vacuum caused a huge bruise on the baby's head that gave him jaundice and pulled skin off. The hospital never told them that the baby had jaundice until they were leaving. AND the hospital didn't ask or tell them that they had taken the baby's cord blood without permission.

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    forget about epidurals, look at the baby! look at the mother! which hospital is this, where? the doctors and nurses should never leave her unattended, 16 hours is much too long. the longest I have heard was like 12 hours. jaundice is not that terrible... some babies have that right after they are born. but they should have informed them right after the cord was cut.

    Go with a lawyer, ask them why they turned it off... DEMAND it! that's what my friends told me about getting into the lunch line-- demand it!

    that baby is going to have terrible trauma, by pulling the baby out those ways it's going to have some sort of injury! look at the mom now, she almost had to have SURGERY!

    take them to court! look at her pain, look at what happened to the baby,k you could sue on multiple terms! none of this would have happened if they didnt take the epidural out. Had she still had it in maybe she could've pushed more. And that jury will very well listen to her or you or whomever. Also, the blood cord is literally mandatory, that's not really permission given or not, the baby comes out the umbilical cord will be cut, or that bay will die. That's not terms for sueing.

    Source(s): demand to know who these bad doctors are, why they took out that epidural and why they hadn't just taken her straight to c-section after ten hours? "Oh, no we're just going to use forceps and vacuums for another 6 hours and do some damage to the baby and possibly rip te baby out of her, since we won't do c-section." Really!
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    Wow i feel so bad for you friend. She went through so much. Stuff that she did not have to go through. There was a lot of damage to her and the baby so yes i would sue the hospital if i was her. She should talk to a lawyer. I would never go back to that hospital. So in my opinion yes she should sue. There was no reason what so ever for her to have to go through that. That fact that she said it hurt and was crying should have been a clue something was wrong and they should have checked the epidural. They should have told her about the baby and the cord blood. I hope after all that you friend and her baby are doing much better.

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    absolutely talk to a lawyer. Nothing about what you described sounds normal. It's such a shame that people get treated this way. I feel for your friend and I do hope she and the baby are ok, but now it's time to seek legal counsel.

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