Are you stockpiling food, water, medicine and cash in case of a major terrorist attack?

I've seen a few books about this at the bookstore. Some include how to survive an attack on the power grid. I don't know anyone who is preparing for an attack, and I'm wondering what other people think about this. Thank you for answering.


Thank you for all the great answers and advice.

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    After living through a 7.1 earthquake I always have plenty of food, water, medicine, and cash on hand. I don't think anyone should get extreme about stockpiling supplies, but everyone needs to be prepared for what ever may come along. Power grids go out for varies reasons, would you be prepared for it? We have ice storms about once a year where I currently live and it is always nice to know that I have these supplies on hand. Once you get in the habit of rotating your supplies to keep them fresh it can really give you peace of mind. The Dept. of Homeland Defense and the Red Cross both have web sites with really good information on them, save your money and by pass the books at the bookstore.

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    I have ~10 days worth of food and enough water to fill the tank in my trailer. However I do this because I live in an earthquake zone.

    I would not be that concerned about an attack on the power grid because terrorists do not think that way. One thing to remember is that terrorists focus on _symbolic_ targets. They look for something that (to them) symbolizes either what they oppose or what they want.

    The only terrorists who would consider attacking the power grid would be domestic eco-terrorists. However these groups are not technically adept and lack the necessary orginizational and operational skills necessary to conduct an attack more complex than simple arson.


    Source(s): Working on my Master's Degree in Homeland Security with an emphasis on terrorism and counterterrorism.
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    A major attack on a power grid would be catastrophic (our power grid is extremely vulnerable to attack) but another good reason to stockpile some things in in case of natural disaster. I don't agree with some people stocking up on way more then they could carry if they live in a hard to defend area (cause lets face it if you have food and water and no one else does they will take it from you by force) so stocking up on 3 tons of canned good and 600 gallons of water when you live in the middle of the city is pretty unrealistic. If you are worried about a survival situation you also need tools and methods to get more food and water in a prolonged outage and weapons to defend yourself. Battery powered backup would help a lot too if you can afford it. Sorry I sort of jumped around a lot but its really a broad subject.

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    yep i am food, water, Guns and ammo, And outdoor stuff. Better to be safe than sorry but the so called terrorist thing i do not buy into it. More like economic collapse, Government take over, New World Order.

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    Yes. I asked a similar question a few days ago (kind of)...What are you doing to prepare for a possible new American Revolution? (far fetched, I know) Of course the libs reported me and had it deleted. Your question and mine go hand in hand. I am getting ready for attacks on my property if there is either such occurrence. I have been clearing brush and cutting down limbs to give myself a 360 degree fire zone. I live at the foot of a hill, but still on high ground in regards to the street, with forest in back of the house. I just found a free wood burning stove to put in my garage, which is more of a tiny second house with a loft and windows on every side. I could go into more detail with my battle plan, but I don't want to give too much away...I am quite positive I am on a watch list...

  • Yes we are. But my husband says with Obama (a friend to the terrorists) in office, terrorist attacks on US soil is less likely than when Bush was in office. The terrorists hated and feared Bush, but Obama is in bed with the radical jihad so the threat may have lessened. Depends on how you look at it I suppose.

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    Not specifically for a terror attack. I've lived in black outs that sometimes would last for a good day or two. It's a habit and a good idea to be prepared for when the power goes out.

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    But I have heard of people stockpiling food, water and weapons and cash because they think the government is going to come and get them.

    We really do need medication available at prices where more people who need it can get it.

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    Yes, but what one needs to understand is I'm waiting for nothing.

    Our nation has been under a terrorist attack since 12pm on January 20th, 2009.

    BTW, don't forget your hair products. How can we exist without hair products?

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    Yes plenty of each of these items.

    Also lots of ammo for my guns.

    I'm prepared for what ever Obama throws at us

    Where there it be terrorists or our own government attacking us

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