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I am writing a story i need help with names and personalities?

I have names already and I need more too. And personalities! Please help.

Can you tell me what they should look and act like, I am kind of clueless. My story is about a big school K-8. I need a popular group, nerdy group, jocks, small groups 1-10. Each group will have 2-6 people in it excluding the Jocks and Popular. They will have 4-10 people in it. Also can you give me last names. I want to have about 30 kids in the story. Please give me brother and sisters too. G.= Grade Here are the names:


Leah M.-

Tina Z.-

Zachary S.-

Andrew W.

1st Grade-

Sara Z.-

Tessa F.-

William W.

Donte R.

Riley L.

2nd g.-

Lucas G.

Danielle S.

Daniel S.

Anne D.

Patricia Y.

3rd g.-

Frank Q.

Penny Y.

Hailey W.

Ryan (Boy) C.

Xavier V.

4th g.

Gianna J.

Savannah J.

Samuel N.

Darren B.

5th g.

Lexie J.

Ali B.

Sierra G.

Collin D.

Brent B.

6th g.

Jake M.

Steve F.

Sarah T.

Jasmine Q.

Ethan N.

7th grade-

Dean F.

Brian G.

Summer N.

Carter (b) M.

Alex (G) K.

8th g.

Zoe U.

Valerie U.

Nicholas M.

Felicity L.

Elizabeth J.

thanks! You can give me some suggestions. It would help alot if you did!


I meant to write I want about 40-60 kids in the story. Also can you add Teachers? I had the idea of:

Mr. Stubbs

Mr. Murphy

Mrs. Matulia

Mrs. Tyle

Mr. Eran

Mrs. Olan

Miss. Mishow

Miss. Amy


Update 2:

I know it might seem in the wrong category but i put it in here because this is mostly about names!

Update 3:

Can you answer my other question too!:;_ylt=Aucop...


Update 4:

Thank you julie and u know what Lexie i am going to use as me! lol!

Update 5:

Thanks Julie I like your answers! It is really weird you put Gianna with Lexie because my name is Lexie and my niece's name is Gianna!

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    leah marks- a girl who's always happy and is mrs. olan's niece

    tina zokowski- a fun girl who's really girly and who loves horses.

    zachary smith- a little football player

    andrew wyatt- a smart kid from Jamaica


    sara zokowski- girl who's like miley cyrus (tina's sister)

    tessa finkle- strawberry blonde who's the class clown

    william wyatt- music lover from Jamaica (andrew's brother)

    donte ryan- cool guy who's really cute and funny

    riley lewis- girly girl who loves dance (tessa's cousin)


    lucas green- british boy who keeps to himself

    danielle smith- zac's older sister who's a drama queen

    daniel smith- danielle's twin who's really into sports.

    anne drake- a little asian girl who loves to sing

    patricia yeak- smart dorky girl who loves playing on the compter


    frank queenie- total jock who comes from a rich family

    penny yeak- pat's little sister who is really smart but also very popular

    hailey wallas- sweet cheerleader fro texas

    ryan cyrus- baseball player who loves music

    xavier vento- baseball player from france who's really smart and fun


    gianna james- snobby girl who's really cute and smart

    savannah jackson- fun girl who's smart and loves getting into trouble

    samuel nicks- football player who plays the guitar

    darren brown- nerdy guy who's really nice (hailey's cousin)


    lexie james- popular cheerleader who's really nice (gianna's sister)

    ali brown- funny girl who loves to dance (darren's sister/hailey's cousin)

    sierra garrett- leah mark's stepsister who's sweet and popular

    collin derek- class clown who's really cute and smart

    brent brooks- emo guy who's nice and smart


    jake markus- class clown who has a crush on sarah

    steve finkle- football player who's popular and nice (tessa's brother)

    sarah took- miss 'queen bee' who gossips and is popular

    jasmine queenie- rich girl who's snobby and popular (frank's sister)

    ethan nooks- jake's best friend who's nice and smart


    dean finkle- soccer star who loves music and is popular (steve & tessa's brother)

    brian garrettson- brainy science lover who plays lax

    summer nickson- popular soccer player who's smart but snobby

    carter marks- sweet guy who plays baseball (leah's brother & sierra's stepbrother)

    alex keller- punk rocker girl who reads alot (related to helen keller)


    zoe uklan- girl with alex russo's personality who's cute and smart

    valerie uklan- girl who's always happy and is a total jock (zoe's twin)

    nicholas markus- lax player who's popular and is dating zoe (jake's brother)

    felicity lillie- nerdy girl who keeps to herself

    elizabeth james- popular cheerleader (gianna and lexie's sister)

    Source(s): i worked really hard on this answer. i brought the answer space up in 2 tabs so i could just flip back and forth to see the names instead of scrolling.
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    those are some good names but here are my suggestions:


    ZOEY TAYLOR (pretty, well liked, has a single mom, pigtails, brunette)

    CHARLIE GROSMAN (weird kid, orange hair, glasses, big family, smart)

    ANDREW WATSON (adorable, speech problem, liked by zoey, only child, brown hair)

    BENJAMIN ALLEN (smart, well liked, cute, blonde, one of 3)

    AMARA WILSON (cute, blonde, average smartness, bffs with zoey, one of 2)

    TAMMY JENSON (odd, kinda cute, outcast, smart, lonely, single dad)

    1ST G

    RILEY NORMAN (cute, smart, blonde, wild, one of 7)

    THOMAS TRAN (moves a lot, dumb, speech problem, big family,)

    JACKSON ALLEN (Benjamin Allen's bro, blonde, cute, smart, one of 3, well liked)

    JENNIFER KILEY ("popular", smart, cute, brunette, only child)

    KEKE ALLEN (twin with Jackson, blonde, cutem smart, 1 of 3, well liked)

    MOLLY GROSMAN (big family, odd, smart, glasses, red hair)

    2ND G

    LUCAS GONA (popular, cute, smart, big family)

    DANIELLE SAMSON (popular, stayed back, cute, brunette, single mom)

    ANNIE DENTER (odd, dumb, speech prob, unattractive, no friends)

    PATRICIA YUO (asian, smart, cute, black hair, 1 of2, twin)

    JASON YUO (asian, smart, cute, black hair, 1 of 2, twin)

    PATRICK MORRIS (smart, unattractive, big fam, good in writing)

    3RD G

    XAVIER GROSMAN (weird, outcast, smart, glasses, orange hair)


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