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Sod or Seed in Hot weather?

I have some very patchy places in my back yard and a big area that is completely dirt. I really need to get grass back there because we have 2 puppies that like to play in the mud/dirt. I was going to fence these areas off and try to get some grass to grow, but I live in Oklahoma and it is very hot. It's been in the high 90s and low 100's.

If I give sod or seed enough water, can I get it to grow in these temperatures? Will seed or sod do better in the heat?

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    Sod would do better because it's already established. However, there are so many other things to take into consideration. First, I'm not a professional but summer isn't the optimal time to do sod or seed. It's so hot and so dry; it will be an uphill battle the whole way. Secondly, you have to make sure you have the correct seed/sod for your area and conditions and that you are placing it in good, quality soil. If you have hard packed poor dirt you're pretty much wasting your money on either sod or seed. You may need to aerate or supplement your yard with better soil before you start seeding or laying sod.

    Finally, and this is where I *am* an expert, planting expensive lawn in an area where dogs are going to frequent is pointless. At the very least you'll have urine spots to treat forever. I have 6 dogs - 1 inside, 1 in a kennel and 4 small ones in our fenced back yard. Inside a week the kennel went from grass to 100% dirt. In the back yard we have a 'trail' and a huge bare patch where the dogs travel, lay, roll around, scratch, dig, hang out etc. You have to remember that dogs produce twice the foot traffic humans do and most grasses don't fare well under high foot traffic. I recommend giving the pups their own space in a gravelled kennel before you start your new grass. The gravel allows waste to seep through, keeping their area more sanitary (and the mud off of their coats!).

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    Sod and you'll likely be using a fescue sod in your zone 6/7. You will need to water twice a day for at least the first two weeks and daily for a couple of weeks after that to keep it alive.

    You might want to think about putting down some mulch for now for the puppies then raking it up and sodding in the fall when its a bit easier to do.

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    Sod will probably work better for you as it's hard for grass to root when it's that hot. I'm assuming you will be using bermuda? Just remember to water it 4 or 5 times a day at first, early morning, mid morning, early afternoon and around 4. You don't want to water at night as this could lead to pests, mildew, etc. Good Luck!

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