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Isv everything normal? Is it ok?

I've taken 5 pregnancy tests. One yesterday and the day before and one this morning. The first 2 were hard to see if it was a plus sign but i thought i may have not left the first one in the stream long enough and i drank so much water for the second one and i read it may dilute the hormone its sapose to detect. So i bought the clear blue one yesterday morning and it came with a free digital one. The same thing happened with the third test but the digital was clear to me because it said pregnant and i didn't have to guess or feel unsure about it. I took the test because I was ten days late as of yesterday for my period. We tried only twice and i was amazed and happy to find out but this morning just about 15 min ago i noticed in the toilet bowl after i wpied a little but of blood witha few little clumps. It reminds me of my period because it looks kinda like the eggs. But i cramp usually the first day of my period and once it is here its kinda heavy and now when i wipe i can barely see any pink and if it was my period i know my underwear would have already beem stained. it was just that little bit. I made a dr.s appointment for friday but im just wondering what you think. I took the last pregnancy test this morning right after and it says im pregnant so i know it's not my period. I'm just wondering why all those tests with a plus sign barely make out the plus sign it should come out more so people can be more sure right? But most important Is that kind of bleeding ok during pregnancy? I think it just happens to some women right?

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    Well Congrats on the baby for starters. The pregnancy tests came out with hard to read results because almost all tests pick up different levels of HCG, plus your levels double everyday for the first trimester. Thus meaning the color of the first positive tests were light because, they either picked up such a high level of HCG, or you just were not very far along. I hope I didn't complicate that to much lol.. okay and as for the bleeding try not to assume anything at all, just go to the doctor tomorrow and let them take care of you. I have heard of people bleeding in the beginning and then going on to have healthy pregnancies. Best Wishes to you and your family.P.S I just read the comment above mine, not to scare you but if you take a pregnancy test tomorrow and are having a miscarriage, it will still come out positive for a while after you miscarry. I had a miscarriage and my levels were still present after 2 D&C, but don't you worry about that because it’s not going to happen to you. You will be just fine

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    some women do bleed during pregnancy but the "clumps" worries me. you could be having a miscarriage. i would suggest that you wait until tomorrow and retest to see if you still get a positive but since you'll be going to the doctor they'll be able to tell you what's going on. good luck, hun! i hope everything is okay tomorrow.

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