Does the red line lead to the Holocaust Museum?

If not, which one should I take? I also read that the Takoma station is closed, is that near the Holocaust Museum? Thx.

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    There was limited service between some red line stations last month due to the accident in late June and investigation about the crash. Service has been restored between all stations but there are still delays and occassional late night closings on the red line. EDIT: I just saw that the Takoma station IS closed today from 10 am to 3 pm and Saturday 7 am to 7 pm. If you have to go through there there are shuttle buses being provided around the area.

    You can switch between metro lines at transfer stations so even if you start on the red line you can change to another line. Like I said in your other question on this subject, the Holocaust museum is closest to the Smithsonian station and more specifically the Independence Avenue exit of the Smithsonian station. You can use the metro website and enter your destination as Holocaust Museum and it will tell you which trains to take from your starting point and where to transfer and all that. You don't need to know the stations or addresses - most major destinations are searchable in the Metro trip planner.

    qubjenni's directions are not correct - the Holocaust Museum is on 14th Street SW (not NW). Her directions will get you to Freedom Plaza. You could exit at Federal Triangle and walk to the Holocaust Museum but it's on the other side of the National Mall - about 5 blocks south of the Federal Triangle metro stop.

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    Takoma Park is nowhere near the Holocaust Museum. The Museum is on 14th Street NW, very close to the bridge leading into Virginia. The closest metro stop is Federal Triangle, which lets you out in the courtyard of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. That is on the blue and orange lines. So take the red line to Metro Center, transfer to either the blue or orange to get to Federal Triangle, and then once you get off of the metro, go to the street, which will be 14th Street NW. Make a left onto 14th Street and walk about a block and the museum is on your right hand side.

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    No it does not. I work next to the Holocaust museum and i get off at Smithsonian station which is the blue or orange line.

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    no. why dont you just check the schedule :]

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